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I Have No Season and I Want It Painted Black...

Look around the site. In case you haven't noticed, our blog, along with all the other SBNation NBA blogs, has been converted to greyscale. This is our own little mourning process because today WOULD have been the start of the NBA season if we weren't in this ridiculous lockout.

And to think, tonight would have been the night we get to see that glorious championship banner raised in the AAC...

If we DID have basketball to watch, say, a friendly game between the World Champion Dallas Mavericks and the up-and-coming Derek Rose-led Bulls, what would your gameday ritual be? Do you wear a specific outfit or jersey? Do you make a special meal? Do you watch the game in a man-cave or some other such location?

I, for one, make a game day thread and then choose from one of my two jerseys (both #5, one with Howard and one with Rotter on the back) or my ReDIRKulous shirt, or my logo shirt, and then find ways to distract myself until about 30 minutes before the game. Usually by facebook stalking. THEN, I jump on our delicious game thread and spend the whole game in front of the TV with my laptop swapping between the thread and tweetdeck.

I miss you guys.

I miss you a lot.