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MavsMoneylinks: Post-Apocalyptic Edition


Mavericks' wait for rings continues; NBA players reject owners' proposal | Dallas Mavericks News 

NBA players rejected the league's latest offer Monday and began disbanding the union, likely jeopardizing the season.

NBA players taking exhibition to Baylor? - Dallas Mavericks Blog - ESPN Dallas
Now we know NBA players are getting really bored -- they're taking their talents to -- Waco? No offense, Waco, of course.

The NBA Lockout Goes Nuclear, And The Players Did The Right Thing -
As the NBA Players Association voted to disband on Monday, David Stern told America that the NBA has entered into a "nuclear winter". But if they put the 2011-12 season in serious jeopardy, it's simply because the players had no other choice.

Neither Samardo Samuels nor Glen Davis is pleased with the NBPA (RIP) - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
On Monday afternoon, National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) president Derek Fisher(notes) said that the NBPA's decisions to both reject the NBA's revised proposal for a new collective bargaining agreement and dissolve the union in pursuit of an antitrust lawsuit against the league were "unanimous."

NBA lockout hurts working class little guys |
Forget the owners and players. Feel bad for the ticket scanners, parking lot attendants, concession workers and custodians, many of whom are working second jobs to help make ends meet.

NBA Lockout Gives Players a Chance to Act Out Their Fantasies -
The NBA lockout has left hundreds of young, wealthy, media-savvy athletes without their usual day jobs. Some are using the free time to pursue business interests that may better prepare them for life after basketball—from fashion to chicken wings.

Durant Taking Flak for NBA Lockout | HOOPSWORLD | Basketball News & NBA Rumors
Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant represents the ideal for the NBA. He's the young, personable superstar, happy to play on a small-market team - but even Kevin is dealing with flak from the lockout.