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My Life Tentatively Has Meaning Again





           Though player ratifications is not 100% certain and though details are scarce, the initial response appears favorable and the content appears good for you and me. Those of us watching the negotiations with one eye on the season and the other on Tyson Chandler will be happy to know that Bird Rights remain nearly intact and that the luxury tax has not been raised to insuperable amounts, though it has been raised.


           Contracts will be shorter in the future, and though that’s too bad for those of you who, like me, thrive on consistency and gets a horrible disease every time Dirk is a free agent, it may be a good thing for now. I hate to speculate but it does seem to me that if you’re Mark Cuban, trying to decide whether to fully commit to an older team, it’s a little easier to imagine it happening if nobody can offer, say, Barea five years.


          Much more to come. At last…