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MavsMoneylinks: Yep, Still in a Lockout.

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Lockout means another Mavs Fantasy Camp - ESPN Dallas
If the Dallas Mavericks are putting on yet another Fantasy Camp, it must mean the NBA lockout remains in full swing. The latest Fantasy Camp on the floor of the American Airlines Center practice court will take place Nov. 18, the night the Mavs were supposed to play host to the Sacramento Kings.

NBA PM: NBA Lockout A Mixed Blessing? | HOOPSWORLD
Dallas Mavericks head coach Rick Carlisle calls the 82-game NBA season a war of attrition, and for most teams it turns out to be just that.

Labor Talks: Finger-Pointing Season " | Hang Time Blog
If you thought October was filled with empty rhetoric from both sides and nastiness that prevents progress in the NBA’s lockout saga, wait until you get a load of the new narrative.

NBA asks N.Y. judge to clear obstacle in talks –
An NBA lawyer has urged a judge to help end a stalemate with the NBA players union by agreeing to consider the legality of its lockout.

Touré: Why We Need to Lose the Athletes-are-Slaves Analogy |
We need an absolute moratorium on referring to professional athletes as slaves and to owners as massas. They are not slaves or massas. When Bryant Gumbel recently called NBA commissioner David Stern "a modern plantation overseer," it was needlessly inflammatory bombastic hyperbole.