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This is the Way the World Ends

This is it. In the next 48 hours, we should have a clearer picture on whether the NBA gets started before Valentines Day or before Thanksgiving...2012. David Stern and the owners have laid down their latest proposal, essentially a 50/50 BRI spilt and the players will meet today to discuss their actions before the imposed 5 p.m. deadline on Wednesday.

I write about the NBA because I love basketball – not analyzing numbers and figures. Math is real hard, OK? So instead of trying put into picture what this lockout could do I'll provide some links by writers much smarter than I am.

First here's boss man Tom Ziller looking at how the players will respond to a possible hard cap that seems destined now by the owners.

Next, here's SI's Zach Lowe taking a look at the lastest proposals.

To quote coach Al Pacino,"I don't know what to say, really." The NBA could lose its entire season by Wednesday night, which means we won't get to see Dirk Nowitzki get his hard-earned championship ring. No more random Tuesday nights that turn into an epic OT thriller in Milwaukee. No cursing at the television for that annoying road game in New Orleans in November. No more debating on Rodrigue Beaubois' playing time. No more wondering if Brendan Haywood can snap out of his funk.

And really, no more marveling at the ridiculous plays created by Jason Kidd and Dirk Nowitzki, two hall of famers that operate in most different ways but Maverick fans still had the delight of watching them amaze each and every one of us for 82 nights.

I'll try to come back to this post and update with any breaking news (good or bad). In the meantime, you can follow LJ and I on Twitter, because we'll either be retweeting breaking news or bitching or celebrating. Also, feel free to use this as your open thread for any lockout musings. I would love to share with you my ideas on if Ian Mahinmi could really replace Haywood if Haywood is dropped from the amnesty clause, or how Dominique Jones could provide a solid option in the backcourt to make up for a potential JJ Barea departure, but I simply don't have the strength with such impending news on the horizon.

Godspeed, NBA.