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Filed under: Reports Rudy Fernandez Will Seek A Buyout

It seems that the days of Rudy Fernandez in Dallas are counted before they even started. Morning has already broken in Europe and reports that after the acquisitions of Vince Carter and Delonte West, the shooting-guard wants out of the crowded wing rotation of the Champions. If he stayed in the NBA speculations hint his preferred destination would be the Timberwolves to pair up with native spanish-speakers Ricky Rubio and Jose Barea. Maybe recent trade rumors also played a role in his decision.

But as we've learned from the Billups case, players don't always get what they want. Even if the Mavericks would be willing to grant his wish, any team with cap space or a TPE that matches his salary could claim him off waivers within the next 48 hours and he might just end up somewhere else with his friendly contract. Rudy and the Mavs reportedly will meet Wednesday in Dallas and will be trying to work out something both sides can live with.

It's always unfair to judge in retrospect, but the decision to acquire Rudy on Draft Day was well challenged back then. Rudy had a subpar season with the Portland Trail Blazers and he had already hinted that he is tempted to return to Spain. Jordan Hamilton also was considered a steal at #26 and as a primarily offensive threat with defensive liabilities he kind of matches Rudys scouting report.

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Hamilton to Dallas. And the rich get richer. Put a mega-talent w/a questionable attitude on a super high character team & watch him blossom. @DraftExpress

The Dallas Mavericks select Jordan Hamilton at 26. Steal this late. Big time scorer @chadfordinsider

Maybe Fernandez will find new life in Dallas, but at best he’s an active offensive participant, a three-point threat, and a defensive liability. Couldn’t Hamilton be capable of the same, while giving the Mavs another interesting piece for the future? Dallas is rightfully looking to maximize on their current core, but the drive to acquire veterans has led them to one who holds all of the weaknesses of the prospect they could have had without any of the potential long-term strengths. Rob Mahoney @

Fans surely want to keep track on Hamiltons development in Denver this season if the Mavericks will part ways with Rudy Fernandez.