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2011 Mavs Media Day: Videos, Pictures and Quotes

The Mavericks presented themselves to the media today on their 2011 Media Day. New acquisitions Lamar Odom, Vince Carter spoke to on the podium alongside Dirk and Coach Carlisle and twitter got flooded with a ton of pictures:

Full video of Coach Carlisle's presser

Carlisle on...

... Odom: "Our belief is he's gonna fit in well with us. My belief is he's the type of guy that would fit in well anywhere."
... the Schedule: "It's gonna be a matter of the deepest team that can stay healthy ... is gonna have the best chance to come out of the West."
... Delonte West: "I really like him as an all-around player."
... Carter: "There's gonna be night when we need him to have a big game to help us win a game. There's no doubt about that."
... the Rotation: "Everything is up in air and nothing is set."
... Repeating: "It's pretty much assumed that when you play or coach in Dallas the expectations are high."
... Dirk: "I don't think there's many people that would argue that he had his best year last year. He did."

Full video of Dirk's presser

Dirk on...

... Repeating: "We're a veteran team that wants to play off each other and that's where we were last year."
... Tyson: "We've got to make up for Tyson leaving, defensively, by committee."
... the Training Camp: "Kidd was joking that they were looking to amnesty me the way I played the first three days."
... the Title: "The good thing is no one can ever take that away from us. ... But last season was last season."
... the Roster: "I think the roster is good and we just need to make it work."

Click through to get to know what new acquisitions Carter and Odom had to say and get a look at the Mavs new alternative uniform and other pictures.

Full video of Vince Carter's presser

Carter on...

... his Decision: "This was the best fit ... the way they play basketball, the way I play."
... the Mavs: "I think they had a wonderful season where they were about to overcome the odds ... and they understood what it takes to win."
... J-Kidd: "He's a guy that makes the game easier for everyone."
... what's important: "Winning. And playing on a team that's winning."
... Dunking: "I'm not really trying to jump over people anymore. It's an overrated experience."
... the Roster: "I feel confident in who we are and who we have here. ... I think we all respect each other's game. And when it's time to go to work it's time to go to work."

Full video of Lamar Odom's presser

Odom on...

... the Sweep: "They kicked our butt pretty good. ... After we played them I realized this was a team that could probably win a championship."
... the Organization: "This is the place that I wanted to be after I realized that I wasn't gonna be a Laker anymore. [...] Obviously, this is a great place to play. And it seems like the guys have a lot of pride playing for (Cuban)."
... Repeating: "If they thought winning a championship was hard, repeating is even harder."
... Lakers: "It wasn't about going to New Orleans, but how they did it. I felt disrespected. ... I took it personally."
... his Show: "(Cuban) seems like the type of guy that will like it. ... But I'll talk to him about it and my teammates, make sure it's OK."

Thanks to for the live coverage. Check him out for even more quotes and infos. Also give a visit, who tweeted about the presser as well.


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