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MavsMoneylinks: Junior Edition

A few quick reads to start your Thursday...

Nowitzki takes a break from practice | Dallas Mavericks Blog
Apparently, the grueling practice schedule has gotten to Dirk Nowitzki.

Countdown: Worst-case scenario - Dallas Mavericks Blog
All bets are off for the Dallas Mavericks if the remarkably durable Dirk Nowitzki suffers a significant injury this season.

Mavs will experiment with Dirk Nowitzki and Lamar Odom| The Two Man Game
No team with Dirk Nowitzki at its core will ever be wholly conventional, but the Dallas teams of the last half-decade have become strategically tamer than some of the outlandish groups pieced together under Don Nelson’s tenure.

Charles Barkley: Mavericks 'one and done' without Tyson Chandler
"You know I’m a big Mavericks fan, but it’s going to be… one and done. As much as I love Dirk and those guys, Tyson was the reason the Mavericks won the championship."