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Mavericks Add Shotblocker, Bring In Sean Williams

Marc Stein reports that the Mavericks are finalizing the signing of Sean Williams. @WojYahooNBA tweeted about this possibility last night and we kept you up to date here.

So apparently the Mavericks found another Big-Man that they like. The athletic Williams will battle for minutes with Ian Mahinmi behind starting center Brendan Haywood. He finished 2nd in the DPOY-voting in the D-League last season and they hope he can fill voids left by Tyson Chandler. He'll play for the minimum because that's all the Mavs can offer, so it's a typical low-risk move by their front office.

According to the poll in this piece, where you were able to vote on the the Mavs possibilities in the center market, percentage-wise most of you wanted to stay put at that position, so feel free to post your sentiments on the new acquisition now. Strangely, nobody voted for Williams!? I guess I didn't dig deep enough into overseas territory to come up with that fella.