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GAME THREAD: Denver Nuggets (0-0) at Dallas Mavericks (0-1)

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Denver Nuggets

WHAT: A chance to get the bad taste of that first loss out of our mouths.

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 7:30pm CT


THE STORY: Ok so, let's just pretend last night didn't happen. Are we all cool with that? DO-OVER. The Nuggets come into town for their first game of the season having lost a few of their key pieces. They have been successful at the AAC as of late, however, so the Mavs can't relax. Also, they can't relax because they suck at this particular moment. So there's that. Don't forget to drop by Denver Stiffs to see how much they're loving Corey Brewer. *sobs*