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Twitter? I hardly even KNOW her.

*UPDATED 12/13 to include Carter*

And Facebook her too, if you're feeling frisky.

I'm creating a fun little social media list for everyone, because there's too much fun stuff that you're missing if you're not following all of us on twitter! Below you will find a list of Mavericks players on twitter, as well as media dudes that provide excellent information (that we usually post here as well).

The Roster is changing quickly... try to keep up!




LJ Rotter (MavsMoneyball)

andytobo (MavsMoneyball)

Boweman55 (MavsMoneyball)

j0Shi (MavsMoneyball)

Rob Mahoney (The Two Man Game)

Jeff Caplan (ESPN)

Tim MacMahon (ESPN)

Marc Stein (ESPN)

Eddie Sefko (Dallas News)

Mike Fisher (

Earl K. Sneed (

Bryan Gutierrez (

Steve Chavera (

Dallas Mavs (Official Twitter)

Jeff 'Skin' Wade (Radio/TV)

Mark Followill (TXA 21/FSSW)

Mark Cuban (Owner)

Dirk Nowitzki

Jason Kidd

Jason Terry

Lamar Odom

Dominique Jones

Shawn Marion

Brian Cardinal

Ian Mahinmi

Delonte West

Vince Carter