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What Would You Give for CP3?

As you've seen, the Mavericks are among the teams interested in acquiring Chris Paul. We are loaded with guards at the moment, but we could lose a handful of them (Barea, Terry, Kidd) this and next season. Paul has indicated that he would only sign an extension with New York. Anywhere else would be a one-and-done scenario. Is he worth it?

I, for one, like the kid a lot. And there's no arguing that he's freaky good at basketball. Plus, when I harassed him at a Mystics game he was incredibly friendly. But if he's gonna pop in for a year and then ditch us (as it would appear Chandler's aching to do) I don't know that I'd want to give up some of the future talent we have. Also I think our focus should be changing Tyson's mind about walking away, not ignoring him in favor of someone who doesn't really want to come here anyway.

What would you give up to sign CP3, if anything?