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Roster Complications Continue For The Reigning Champion With Terry Asking For An Extension

Jason Terry is known for making his opinion heard and he already mentioned that the new CBA technically allows the Mavs to resign their championship roster and that it is on the ownership to make that happen. Yes, he pointed directly at Mark Cuban and said he should go as deep in his pocket as possible (which also would mean paying at least 40-45M luxury tax in 2013/2014 as I've pointed out here).

Today he added that he'd like to sign an extension with the Mavericks as soon as possible and that he's worth a full one, adding four more years:

"My focus is to sign an extension because being the core of what we've built to this point, I believe they want me here. And if the extension is not done, then that tells me something different. And so, I'm going to put all my efforts out here to prove to everybody in this league that I'm going to be here for another four to five years playing at a high level."

He is free to make that demand. And the Mavericks are free to refuse it. If they plan to go into the 2012 free agency with as much cap room as possible, they will have to affront yet another key piece of the championship roster and won't hand out an extension to the veteran shooting guard.

But note that the demand for bringing back and keeping the core together (which could include extending Terry's contract) is also one of self-interest:

"I think people put too much emphasis into next year. I mean, who's to say? Nothing's guaranteed. We want to focus in on this season with the team that we have to put together to defend this title this year. Who knows who's free next year, and who cares? I really don't."

While that's a fact and really mirrors the thoughts of some fans, Terry himself should be hoping that Cuban makes it happen and brings back all the players to make three more runs within Dirks contract. Why? Think about this: Under which circumstances will he get more money:

  1. Cuban decides to go all-in and therefore spends virtually any amount of money to keep the core together for the next three years
  2. He enters the overloaded FA-class in 2012

Make your pick.