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Anyone Down for a Meet-up/Game Watch For Xmas?

**UPDATE** I will, in fact, be attending the game on Sunday against the Heat. I'm still trying to plan an event, specifically the one on the 23rd!

Here are some dates to look at- tell me if you guys would show up!!!

12/23- The Friday night before Christmas Eve seems like a harmless night to have a gathering out at a local restaurant/bar to get ourselves acquainted and pumped for the season.

12/25- Game Watch Party!!! Or something of the like... I know it's Xmas day, but I figured it's worth a shot. I won't be in attendance, but that doesn't mean a party can't happen. It just won't be as fun.

Vote in the poll and/or submit comments below.

Plane tickets purchased, hotel reservations made. SEE Y'ALL IN DALLAS!!!