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Free Agency Roundup Or ... The Mavs Do Actually Start To Sign Players?

While in the last days the news of departing free agents dominated the landscape, the Mavs started to make moves on the first day the teams were allowed to sign players. Again a lot was going on, so here's what you need to know:

Roster changes:

  • First of all, be sure to read the answer of Mark Cuban to an email that Tim MacMahon from ESPN Dallas wrote him. He shares insight on the Mavs thinking. Must read!
  • @coopmavs reports that the Mavs offered two year deals to their free agents. Not that it would matter, but earlier reports of one-year deals seem to be not quite correct.
  • Today was the day on which Tyson Chandler officially parted with the Mavericks. He was on the Ben & Skin Show this morning and said goodbye to Mavericks, a team he loved.
    We'll miss you Tyson! New York is a big market and a competitive team and you deserves every dollar you'll get there!
  • Originally it was reported, that the deal for Chandler wasn't involving a S&T with the Mavs, but apparently things changed over the day. Mavs should get a trade exception and a lower salary player from the Knicks. One player being in the mix was Ronny Turiaf, but he's gone to the Wizards, as reported by andytobo.
  • @KBergCBS reports that with this trade exception the Mavs in the mix for Samuel Dalembert.
  • Chuck is not pleased with the move to let Tyson go. Here's the Audio. C'mon Chuck! We need you back on the bandwagon!
  • Rudy Fernandez is still stuck in Spain. Here's the story and here's his tweet.
  • In addition to andytobo's story about Vince Carter, here's a quick look at the advanced metrics in comparison to Caron Butler. There's no reason to believe he'll be any worse than Caron:
Player PER Simple +/- APM WS48 WP48
Butler, Caron 10/11 14.2 +4.86 +2.16 0.067 0.015
Carter, Vince 10/11 14.8 +2.70 +0.58 0.090 0.084

You think that's already a lot? Click through to get the latest on the first day of Mavs training camp and other Mavs related stories.

Start of training camp:

Other items:

  • Marc Cuban Agrees With NBA Blocking Chris Paul Trade
  • Blazers Brandon Roy to retire. That's a very sad story, although not directly Mavs related. But I think we should give him a mention here, because it's not the way this exceptional talent should have finished his career. He got his last big moment during the 4th Quarter of last seasons first round matchup in the Game 4 collapse of the soon-to-be Champions. And although most of us surely would have liked to see him hobble off the floor rather than killing the Mavs, this breakdown changed our teams attitude and mindset and smoothed the way to the Championship.
    It's weird, but thank you Brandon Roy. You deserved better. Fare well!