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Mavericks Notes From Rockets Shootaround

The Mavericks are rested after a day off but Coach Rick Carlisle wants to make sure that the team is not relaxed as they face the Houston Rockets on Saturday night. The Mavericks know what they are going up against when they see the Rockets. "They're a very good offensive team," said Carlisle. Houston ranks fourth in the league in terms of scoring.

The Mavs have a lingering problem and they are hoping it can be taken care of soon. "One of our biggest challenges is transition defense." Carlisle said. "It hurt us in the last game against Houston. It hurt us the other night, particularly late against Denver. It's going to be a big part of the game tonight."

Over the season, the Mavericks have been able to build huge leads and then they have to scratch and claw to squeak out a victory. Those chain of events cater to the increased need to maintain a high level of transition defense. "When teams fall behind, generally what they do is they want to speed up the game," Carlisle explained. "They want to get the ball up the floor and attack, being able to get back and contain is paramount to good defense." 

Roddy Beaubois did travel down to Houston and took part in shootaround, but he will be inactive against the Rockets. “He’s cleared for contact, so he had one practice. He’s not gonna be active tonight,” Carlisle said of Beaubois’ status. Carlisle did not rule out Beaubois' possible return to the court as soon as Wednesday night when the Mavericks play the Sacramento Kings in Dallas. "It's going to depend on the next four days," Carlisle explained. “We’ll see where things are on Wednesday morning, but that’s a long time away and has nothing to do with tonight.” Roddy-Watch will continue to be a day by day situation, but Beaubois echoed the thoughts of the coach in regards to Wednesday. "I need practice first then we'll see," Beaubois said.

Before meeting the team in Houston, Beaubois stayed in Dallas and continued working double-sessions with the Mavericks training staff. “Right now, they let me push myself to see what I can do and what I can’t do. It’s just my body, it’s been a long time, so it’s tough,” he added. “I feel it, but it’s good. That means I’m coming back, so it’s good.” The sessions can be intense, but Beaubois understands that it is a part of the recovery process and he can feel himself getting better. The electric guard has stated during the past few weeks that conditioning has been an issue for him but he does feel that progressing is being made in that department. Things continue to look better, but Beaubois ackowledged that when he runs in a straight line and has to quickly make a curling motion leads to slight discomfort in his foot. Beaubois was quick to mention that limitation does get better day by day.

The light at the end of the tunnel gets closer as each day goes by. Beaubois is excited to get back on the court, but he is making sure that he does not get too caught up in the idea of inching closer towards his return to the team. "I don't want to get too excited," Beaubois said. "I'm waiting to get on the floor. It's day by day." Beaubois practiced Thursday and participated in shooutaround on Saturday. It is a day by day process for Beaubois, but it appears the waiting game is almost over.

The game against the Houston Rockets will tip of at 7:30 pm CST.


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