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After The Fact: Mavericks Withstand Another Surge, Beat Rockets 106-102

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Of Note:

  • The Mavericks had six players in double digits, and two players with 20+ points.
  • Dallas turned the ball over more than twice as many times as Houston (15-7).
  • Both teams had 30+ points in a quarter (Mavs had 34 in the 2nd, Rockets had 35 in the 4th).
  • The only player from the Mavericks who took the floor and DIDN'T score was DeShawn Stevenson. He had a big o-fer on the game.
  • Every player on the team except Tyson Chandler logged at least one assist.
  • Brendan Haywood got another DNP-CD. Ruh roh.

Big Contributors:

  • Welcome to the game, Peja Stojakovic! The sharpshooter had his highest-scoring game as a Maverick with 22 points, 12 of which came from the three. 
  • Both of our point guards scored 11 points and five assists. Jose Barea apparently seems to be learning from Jason Kidd, and it's paying off.
  • Shawn Marion was one rebound away from a double/double with 14 points and nine boards.