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All-Star Saturday Night Festivities Thread

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For those of you watching tonight's festivities, here is a venue in which you may discuss amongst yourselves.

Schedule for All-Star Saturday Night:

7:00pm - 10:00pm CT on TNT

  • Haier Shooting Stars
  • Taco Bell Skills Challenge
  • Foot Locker Three-Point Contest
  • Sprite Slam Dunk
Also, check out a link to a video of Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant below the jump...

During the the East/West Practice on Saturday Afternoon, The Guinness World Record was set for three-point baskets shot in a minute by a duo. Ray Allen and Paul Pierce hit 13, Dirk Nowitzki and Kevin Durant hit 15.

Afterwards, Nowitzki told Durant he's keeping the plaque and putting it in his house. Durant's response to Nowitzki taking the plaque: "He can have it, he did most of the work anyway."