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Mavericks Stand Pat on Deadline Day, Ready to Make Championship Run

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Some General Managers insisted that the trade deadline was going to be quiet due to the upcoming Collective-Bargaining Agreement, a potential lockout and other factors. That was not the case as the past few days turned into an incredibly active trade deadline. The Mavericks sat on the sidelines and kept the current cast of characters in tact. "This group's got special chemistry and they've really earned the right to make a run for the roses," Mavs General Manager Donnie Nelson said. "We feel great about it and we're looking forward to the playoffs."

Jason Terry mentioned that he felt no movement would be good movement for the Mavs and give them even more of a boost. "It’s big, it’s big because what it does is it instills confidence in the guys that we have from management," Jason Terry said of his team standing pat. "We know they believe in us. We know we’re a strong team and all it does is reassure us of our thoughts. I know right here, with this team we have in Dallas, we’re a contender."

Nelson agrees with Terry's assessment. Nelson said the club had talks at some level with nearly every team in the league and that Roddy Beaubois, the was the most popular prize trying to be had. As teams continued to incorporate Beaubois in any negotiations, the conversations stopped. "Roddy is a very popular Maverick when it comes to receiving phone calls," Nelson said. The GM made sure to mention that he sang "Happy Birthday" to the 23-year-old guard.

There were rumblings that the Mavs were making a push for Tayshaun Prince and that option worked out. Prince signed a 5 year, $47.5 million extension in October 2005, which meant this is final year of his deal. Various reports indicate that the Mavericks offered Caron Butler and a 2011 first-round pick for Prince. Detroit hopes to re-sign Prince and believe they can get value in return for him as a sign-and-trade if they are unable to agree to a new deal.

This means that Caron Butler will remain a Maverick for the rest of the year. Nelson mentioned that the long-term situation with Butler is a "summer conversation" but they are glad he is still a Maverick. Butler has continued to state that he is confident that he can return to the team further down the road in the playoffs. By all accounts, Butler is working his behind off, Nelson mentioned that Butler was working out in the locker room as he was addressing the media about the deadline. "He's part of the fabric of what we've been doing and what we're going to do," Nelson said. "I don't know a guy that's put his heart and soul into this team like he has."

Rick Carlisle mentioned on Wednesday that deals are difficult because everyone wants to make a killing in the process, Donnie Nelson broke down what happened over the course of discussions leading up to the deadline. "You've got to give to get and we were not willing to give up any of our core rotation guys because you've got a unique thing in that locker room," Nelson said. "That's really what it came down to. It would have had to have been a complete over-the-top deal where it was an absolute no-brainer. Otherwise, we want to give these guys the freedom to make the run."

The quiet times lead to two beliefs which can be seen as good or nauseating. One, the Mavericks did not find a deal that made sense based on the ramifications to their payroll. The team still has retaining Tyson Chandler as priority number one in the off-season. Adding long-term salary only makes the possibility of retaining Chandler that more difficult. The new Collective-Bargaining Agreement could help the Mavericks out with a franchise tag or stronger salary boosts to make sure teams can retain their stars. Either way, the Mavs are taking the cautious approach when it comes to looking ahead. It also helps that the Mavs were dealing out of a state of being opportunistic, not desperation.

The second thought is that the Mavericks truly do love their boys in blue. Fans have had their hearts broken over the years with the playoff performance for the Mavs. Tyson Chandler's ability to anchor the defense has energized the Mavericks on defense. If he can stay healthy and stay effective, the thing this year could be different as the depth and balance, mixing in an efficient Dirk Nowitzki, can make this team this team dangerous in the playoffs.

Nelson mentioned that most of the decision-making in terms of personnel came when Dirk Nowitzki and Caron Butler went down with the respective injuries. Roddy Beaubois and Peja Stojakovic present different forms of a trade as they were not players involved in the rotation several weeks ago. The Mavs had the luxury of not having to worry too much about Beaubois as he already knew the system. Stojakovic needed time to get his legs under him while learning the system. Those are two huge pieces that are now in the mix and it cost the team next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The chemistry has been created and Nelson made sure not to perform a major no-no as a GM, "One of the arts of management is not screwing things up," said Nelson.

"It's a sign that chemistry is real important," Nelson continued. "And when you've got it, don't mess with it." The Mavs do have a roster spot that can be filled, but if the Mavs bring in an additional player it likely wouldn't be much more than an additional warm body based on how the rotation has been established. For better or for worse, this team has been given the freedom to make that championship push. It is time to stand up and deliver.


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