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What Will the Mavs Do at the Trade Deadline?

Welcome to the 2011 NBA Trade Deadline. At 2 pm today, trade activity will cease. Reports indicate that the Mavs could stay on the sidelines when it comes to making a deal. That is a possibility, but you can never predict what will happen in the last few moments before the deadline. Be sure to check MMB leading up to 2pm as we have set up shop at Mavs HQ. We will be sure to mention all of the reports and rumors floating around in regards to the Mavs.

Remember, when it comes to all of these rumors and speculated trade scenarios, the best course to take is to believe that anything you hear is possible but nothing is probable.

If there is any news that comes out from practice, you know MMB will keep you in the loop!

For those of you who love twitter, @BallinWithBryan is the one-stop shop.

Update: Adrian Wojnarowski tweeted that Detroit won't deal Tayshaun Prince to Mavs for Caron Butler and a 1st. Even if Pistons can't re-sign him, he's asset in sign-and-trade.

Marc Stein has tweeted that Mavs had high interest in J.R Smith, along with Prince, in part to reunite Smith with Mavs consultant Tim Grgurich. Nuggets NOT interested, tho