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After the Fact: Mavericks Can't Catch Up to Spurs

Four losses in the last eight games. I hate the Spurs.


- The offense had one short stretch right before half time when everything clicked, but other than that, they were out of sync and out of sorts the entire night.

- Dirk was the only reason they came close, as he knocked down huge shots. 23 points on 10/16 shooting, and tonight, he probably needed 26.

- Losing Marion to a right wrist injury was a huge blow. He had 13 points on 6/8 shooting in the first half.

- Roddy played big minutes again, despite not really doing anything to earn it. He shot just 4-11 with 3 turnovers. In fairness, all the other Mavericks (besides the two mentioned above) were equally bad.

- I think its time to accept that Kidd's and Stevenson's shots are officially broke.

- Referees were questionable all night. At this point, I don't think its possible to play the Spurs and have good officiating.

- Hopefully you all heard the Mavericks broadcast, because those two fans they randomly picked out of the crowd to call the game are huge homers...and they will make sure you know. Stay. Away.