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Dallas Mavericks Sports Bars

Hello MMBers!

Here at Mavs Moneyball we have received a bunch of requests from fans in Dallas/Ft. Worth and outside of the area who are looking for sports bars or other places to meet up with other Dallas Mavericks fans to watch the game, have a beer, or just hang out.

We'd like to get a list of sports bars that you attend when you watch Mavericks games and we will use this thread as a Directory of sorts for Dallas Mavericks sports bars -- in any city.

We have created a sweet form that you can fill out to easily submit this information and/or you can leave your comments in this thread.

We will also repost this information regularly so that the content is fresh and ready for your consumption. Stay tuned for a cool new directory feature in the coming weeks that's going to take your recommendations along with other information we gather and provide some really cool features for connecting Mavs fans with beer! ... and each other, anywhere in the world. (Don't be afraid.)

Global Sports Domination begins now! (Well, either that or global sports drunkenness.) Thanks for your help!