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Mavericks Outsider Report for March 28, 2011

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Sorry for the tardiness, Los Angeles can be a beast. Episode 24of MOR is here! The man-sized road trip is upon us! Time to talk ball again.. and how are these Mavs going to overcome the self-sabotage they've engaged in lately? Bryan is shocked to hear that there's a pending CBA expiration, and Rhylan gets into the story about the guy who couldn't find his books.. at all. In addition to a slew of deep Mavs analysis, of course. You can listen to the episode here, download and enjoy!

Intro - Game Recaps (MIN, @UTA, @PHX)

28:20 - Slow Starts and Turnover Woes

48:00 - Summer Vacation Plans for Kidd & Dirk?

1:06:05 - NBA Nuggets (Kings Relo, Perkins Jawing, Billy Hunter vs. David Stern)

1:36:45 - Game Previews (@LAC, @LAL, @GSW, @POR)

Our next episode is set for Monday, April 4 (6-8 pm CST). You'll be able to listen live via Ustream. For future reference, the address to listen live is and you'll be able to download the podcast, as always, if you're unable to listen live at the link listened above or on iTunes. And if you're not streaming live with us, you're missing out on some extra fun.

Also, you can always email us your thoughts and questions at