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Game Thread: Mavericks (52-21) at Clippers (29-45)

WHO: The Los Angeles Clippers host the Dallas Mavericks

WHAT: Game 1 of the back-to-back in LaLa Land

WHERE: Staples Center, Los Angeles, CA

WHEN: 9:30pm CT


THE STORY: The Mavericks can't let this game slip by simply because they face the Lakers tomorrow night. Blake Griffin has the potential to manhandle them inside, and the Clippers haven't played a game since Saturday, so they should be nice and rested. Dallas has won four straight over this Los Angeles team, but they have to focus on tonight before they can turn their thoughts to the OTHER guys. There are a few links for your browsing pleasure, and if you so choose, you may visit Clips Nation.

Mavericks-Clippers Preview - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
The Dallas Mavericks have arrived in Los Angeles to face the city's two NBA teams in consecutive nights at Staples Center. Their games against the Clippers at the arena have typically been much easier. Before their highly anticipated matchup with the surging Lakers, the Mavericks look to win their ninth straight over the Clippers on Wednesday night.

Shootaround Report: Mavericks (52-21) at Clippers (29-45) - Mavs Fast Break
On the surface the Mavericks’ Wednesday night faceoff with the upstart Los Angeles Clippers would appear to be nothing more than a tune-up for Dallas’ rubber match against the two-time defending champion Lakers just 24 hours later.

Dallas Mavericks Blog: Rod the Bod and JJ the Pest
The odds of Rodrigue Beaubois ever posing for the cover of a bodybuilding magazine are pretty slim. But Roddy B. isn’t quite as slim as he used to be. "I got a little bit stronger, just a little bit," Beaubois said with a sheepish grin after being told that coach Rick Carlisle mentioned his added muscle.

Mavericks practice without Jason Terry, J.J. Barea | Dallas Mavericks Blog
The Mavericks are on the practice court at U.S. Airways Center, having enjoyed a rare day on Monday when there was no basketball-related duties and no travel. At least, most of the Mavericks enjoyed the day. That was not the case for Jason Terry and J.J. Barea.