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Mavericks Scrap a Win Against Minnesota, 108-105

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That nightmare game concluded by a rainbow jumper is now behind them. Granted, this 108-105 win over the Timberwolves had some nightmare-ish elements of its own, but it certainly beats the alternative.

Nationally, the story of the game will be Kevin Love tying Moses Malone for 51 consecutive double-doubles, most ever, with a three pointer splashed in at the 7:45 mark of the third quarter. For the Mavericks, though, it is Dirk, who overcame foul trouble to do what he do. 25 points, 7/12 from the field, and perfect in ten attempts from the line. He's that aunt whose always bringing candy and toys to her nephew....he spoils Mav fans.

The Mavericks were able to overcome a 30-22 first quarter. Dirk picked up his 3rd foul with 8:22 in the 2nd, and sat until the half. He committed a charge at 9:52 in the 3rd for his fourth personal, and sat until late in that quarter.

There's no way I could compete with all that fancy stuff Bryan puts up, so be content with some simple bullet points.
  • Haywood ended with a very solid game in nearly 30 minutes. He scored eight points, hit 2/3 free throws, grabbed ten boards, and added a blocked shot.
  • Mahinmi, on the other hand, did not play well. He did hit the floor a couple of times going after a loose ball, though, and that sort of energy is nice to see.
  • Brian Cardinal, of all people, went on a three point binge in the 3rd. He hit three consecutive and four out of five, although might have forced the couple he took after that. He also drew a charge. Those are really the only two things he's any good, but he's real good at them. He's a great role player to have sitting on the end of the bench for games like these.
  • Corey Brewer got six minutes and a fast break dunk, but also had a turnover and directly resulted in another when he did not run a play correctly. He's still integrating to the team.
  • Way too many threes overall. 35 attempts, at only 34%, bogged down the offense and gave the Timberwolves good opportunities to run with the ball.