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Mavericks Outsider Report for March 7, 2011

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It is time for another episode of MOR! Episode 21 means that MOR is legal and can go out to have a drink if it feels that it is necessary. It is just what the doctor ordered for a Mavs fan who needs something during the off day for the boys in blue. Huge week in Mavs land, with four games in five nights, questions about the defense, and Roddy Beaubois' role as he gets back into running shape. BG manages to bulldoze his way through traffic Armageddon to get to the studio just in time to drop the ballin' sweet science on all of us. You can listen to the episode here, download and enjoy!

(Note: 114 was a beast-and-a-half due to someone spilling their slurpee and everybody freaked out. I had to take the back way to the TJBC and once I finally got back on 114, the Jetta was free. I broke at least three or four traffic violations in the process, but I put the headphones one right as the intro was finishing up...classic.)

Intro - Game Recap (PHI, IND, MEM)
23:13 - Roddy B PT
40:04 - Mavs Defensive Woes
55:05 - Potential First Round Matchups
1:12:00 - Nuggets (Games in London, Heat need Kleenex, SSAC)
1:34:26 - Game Previews (MIN, NOH, NYK, LAL)

Our next episode is set for Monday, March 14 (6-8 pm CST). You'll be able to listen live via Ustream. For future reference, the address to listen live is and you'll be able to download the podcast, as always, if you're unable to listen live at the link listened above or on iTunes. And if you're not streaming live with us, you're missing out on some extra fun.

Also, you can always email us your thoughts and questions at