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Mavericks Need to Continue Sharing the Wealth

For the Dallas Mavericks, there are multiple statistics that can rise and fall based on whether they win or lose. The Mavericks have prided themselves on being a team that does not have a selfish bone in their body, so the assists statistic is worth analyzing. The various weapons that the Mavericks have allow them to have the ability to share the wealth. Offensively, they have been really sharp and the ball has been moving from side to side. They are playing well off of each other. They have been sharing the ball which has been causing defenses to scramble and that creates easier shooting opportunities.

When you break it down from a win-loss perspective, the Mavericks are 35-9 on the season when they have more assists than their opponent. Dallas is 10-8 when they have less assists than the opposition and they are 1-0 when they equal their opposition.

Dallas is currently averaging 23.7 assists/game, ranking third in the entire league. During their recent eight-game winning streak (February 12-March 6), the Mavericks were averaging 28.3 assists/game. The average during the win streak is a really high number and you would want to continue that for as long as you possibly can. "We move the ball well," Coach Rick Carlisle said when discussing the uptick in assists during their winning streak. "We are an unselfish team. I think they'd be even higher if our defense was a little better, because we would get some more uncontested type plays." 

Again, they were averaging 28.3 assists during their eight-game winning streak leading up to the game against the Memphis Grizzlies on March 6. Dallas only had 21 assists in their 104-103 loss to Memphis. The very next night, they had 29 assists in their 108-105 victory over the Minnesota Timberlwolves on March 7. The Mavericks average 24.7 assists in their 46 wins. Dallas averages only 20.9 assists in their 17 losses.

Jason Kidd, 8.3 assists/game, ranking ninth in the league in the assists department. Actually, the 8.3 apg average is his lowest average in terms of assists since he played for the New Jersey Nets during the 2004-2005 season. JJ Barea is averaging 3.7 assists/game as the backup point guard. If he can keep his assist numbers up, that will mark a new career-high average (current his is 3.4 apg in 2008-2009).

The player that has seen a dramatic uptick in the assist category is Jason Terry. The former Sixth Man of the Year Award winner is averaging 4.3 assist/game. The 4.3 apg total is the highest average Terry has had since the 2006-2007 season where he averaged 5.2 apg. "We're moving the ball very well right now," Jason Terry said. "Guys are sharing the ball, playing unselfishly. It's translating into wins for us and that's our formula for victory."


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