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Game Thread: Suns (38-41) at Mavericks (54-25)

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Phoenix Suns

WHAT: This game is probably more important for the Suns than it is for the Mavs. They don't want to finish below .500.

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 6:30pm CT

HOW: League Pass | FSSW-DAL | KESN | KTAR | KUTP

THE STORY: Dallas ended their four-game skid with a convincing win over the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday. With the Lakers falling to the Trail Blazers in the same night, the Mavericks are still in contention for the two seed, though at this point is appears their current position is more likely. The Suns, however, are fighting to finish the season above .500 and with their self-respect intact. Jason Kidd will be active tonight, and the status of Steve Nash (hamstring) is a gametime decision. Be sure to visit Bright Side Of The Sun for the opposing view.

Let's Go Mabs!