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Mavericks Close Out the Regular Season, Destroy New Orleans 121-89

Someone forgot to send out the memo to the Mavericks and Hornets, the playoffs begin this weekend, not tonight. In a game that had "one of those playoff game feels to it," the Dallas Mavericks extended their end of the season winning streak to 4, after defeating the New Orleans Hornets in a game with several moments of playoff physicality. One of Dallas' additions this year, Tyson Chandler, was involved in several of those incidents as he faced one of his former teams, and included a statement to his former alley-oop partner, Chris Paul - this is a different team.


After shooting almost 50% in the first half, and allowing almost 60% from their opponent, the Dallas Mavericks decided to play a little defense in the second half. They limited the Hornets to 28 points in the second half, and dominated the action after emerging from the locker room. Better late than never.


In what may be their last chance at a deep playoff run, the Mavericks may want to make that their battle cry.



Dirk was great in the first half, and kept his team in the game at a time when they didn't concern themselves with defense. He finished with 32 points, 6 rebounds, and 12 free throw attempts. It's easy to forget about him because of his dependability.

Mr. Universe had a nice stat line, 14 points, 8 assists, 5 rebounds. Love him or really dislike every aspect of his being, if he takes this consistency into the playoffs, then you'll take it.

Jason Kidd made four threes, and they all seemed to come at pivotal moments in the game. Spreading out the floor is one of the most important parts of his game, and he did that tonight.

The Mavs woke up after sleep walking through the first half on defense.



Beaubois was hurt. According to Mark Followill, the MRI came back negative. He hasn't been getting many minutes the past few games due to foul trouble, and this is another reason why he probably won't get much playing time in the first round.

A reoccurring theme of this team is slow starts. They can't get away with starting slowly in the playoffs. Other teams will gladly take advantage of them if they do.

No more regular season games. Try not to cry.