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Mavericks Versus Trail Blazers, Playoffs, Round One

If you go to the 'series hub' on, you will find a little headline blurb that reads "Given the Mavs' past flameouts, most foes wanted them in the playoffs. With the Blazers up first, the Mavs are out to prove they won't fall apart in the playoffs again."

If those words don't get you hyped as a Mavericks fan, then maybe you need to check your pulse. The playoffs snuck up pretty quickly this year, and they start this Saturday. Got your game face on?

Coming up the rest of this week we should have some dialogues with various Portland blogs to get ourselves educated and ready as can be for this exciting series. And now, the schedule as it stands:

Saturday, April 16: Portland at Dallas, 8:30pm CT on ESPN

Tuesday, April 19: Portland at Dallas, 8:30pm CT on TNT

Thursday, April 21: Dallas at Portland, 9:30pm CT on TNT

Saturday, April 23: Dallas at Portland, 4:00pm CT on TNT

and then we get into the "if necessary" games which I will post... if necessary.