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The Friday Poll: Predict the Maverick's First Round Series

Here's the newest addition to Mavs Moneyball: a weekly poll each Friday. There's no particular reason for starting it just as the playoffs do, but I figure it's not hurting anything. Plans are for it to continue through the summer, not just during the season. The question will usually be related to the Mavericks in some way, but especially during the long summer months, they won't always be totally serious. Its easy to see that its missing a catchy name, so let me know in the comments if you think of something real catchy. I'll be sure to drop your name in next week's edition if you "win"/your suggestion gets chosen.

Now that I've explained it, here's the poll: what will the outcome of the Mavericks-Blazers series? Feel free to explain why in the comments, but this is a simple poll.