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Game Thread: Trail Blazers (0-1) at Mavericks (1-0), GAME TWO

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Portland Trail Blazers


WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 9:30pm CT


THE STORY: Well, we managed to start the series off on mostly the right foot with a win. It wasn't pretty, and much has been made of the FT disparity in the final quarter when Dirk Nowitzki went Ridirkulous. Tonight's game will be ref'd by Dan Crawford... take from that what you will. There's no way that our secondary players will be totally absent for two games in a row... right? Also, chances are that Portland will have some major adjustments coming into this game, namely guarding the perimeter a bit more while still managing to deny Dirk the ball.

I said it before but I will repeat myself. This site has a zero-tolerance policy for douchery. Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT go over to Blazersedge and troll. We expect them to show us the same respect, so don't ruin it for everyone else by inciting threadriots.

That being said, GO MABS!!!! IT'S YOUR NIGHT, BROs!