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After the Fact: Mavericks Take Game 2 Against Trail Blazers, 101-89

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Recap will be up shortly, but while we're all sitting around waiting...

-Dirk. Struggled with his shot at times, but he was just too overwhelming. Superstar is too limiting of a term for what this man does.

-Second scorers stepped up for Dirk, though, this time in the form of old vets. Kidd scored 18 while continuing to rain from deep, and Peja feasted on good looks for 21 points.

-No turnovers in the 2nd half.

-The Mavericks looked every bit the veteran team they are. Down the stretch, they just outworked, outschemed, and outplayed the Blazers.

-Up two games to none, beaches. First time since 2006 Finals.