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Game Thread: Mavericks (2-1) at Trail Blazers (1-2), GAME FOUR

WHO: The Portland Trail Blazers host the Dallas Mavericks


WHERE: Rose Garden, Portland, OR

WHEN: 4:00pm CT


THE STORY: It seems that the Mavericks have one supporting player step up behind Dirk Nowitzki, and it's a different player every night. Game one saw Jason Kidd take a time machine back to the early 2000s. Game two was Peja Stojakovic's time to shine. Game three's loss came despite a 29-point performance from Jason Terry. We have yet to see anything impressive from Shawn Marion, and Tyson Chandler hasn't had the opportunity to do his high-flying act. If the whole starting line-up could show up like the bench has, the Mavericks have a chance to take game four in Portland. Of course, they'll have to contain LaMarcus Aldridge and keep Brandon Roy from having another throwback night.

I'm so proud of you guys for showing respect to the fans at Blazersedge. This has been a quiet, peaceful series and I'd love to keep it that way.

Said it before and I'll say it again... GO MABS GO!!!