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Mavericks Versus Lakers, Round Two Game Schedule

Let me just say that before the series even started, I predicted that Dallas would win in six games. Somewhere I'll find proof that I did...

So first of all, HOORAY! That was an excellent series overall, and I think perhaps the one that was hardest to predict the outcome. The Mavericks make it out of the first round for the first time since 2009, and who do we get to play? The Lake Show!! People (myself included) are pretty excited about seeing a playoffs match-up between Dirk Nowitzki and Kobe Bryant- two incredibly capable clutch closers. We were able to steal a win in Portland which many (myself included) did not think was possible. Will the same be true for them in Los Angeles? Let's hope so.

And now, here's the schedule for the second round! GO MABS GO!'

Game 1 - Monday, May 2nd: Mavs at Lakers, 9:30 PM CT, TNT
Game 2 - Wednesday, May 4th: Mavs at Lakers, 9:30 PM CT, TNT
Game 3 - Friday, May 6th: Lakers at Mavs, 8:30 PM CT, ESPN
Game 4 - Sunday, May 8th: Lakers at Mavs, 2:30 PM CT, ABC
Game 5 * Tuesday, May 10th: Mavs at Lakers, TBD, TNT
Game 6 * Thursday, May 12th: Lakers at Mavs,TBD, ESPN
Game 7 * Sunday, May 15th: Mavs at Lakers, 2:30 PM CT, ABC

*if necessary

Click through for your chance to predict the series... and give explanations in the comments!

For the perspective of the other team, be sure to RESPECTFULLY visit Silver Screen and Roll. I'm really quite proud of the way you guys handled the first series- let's continue to be a class act despite our strong feelings against the Los Angeles Lakers.