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After The Fact: Mavericks Disappoint On The Road, Lose To Portland, 104-96

There seems to be a general consensus on the threads that the regular season is no longer worth watching. Dallas started out their six-game road trip with a lot of energy and finished it dragging their feet. Whether it's due to fatigue or a lack of motivation, I'll leave up to you to decide. 

Against Portland, there were some high moments, and many more low ones.

  • Rodrigue Beaubois managed to score 18 points in 24 minutes of playing. He only had two turnovers tonight, and dished out four assists. 
  • Shawn Marion was the high scorer for the Mavericks again with 19 points and five rebounds. He's been consistent over the past several games, and providing Mavericks fans with a bit of stability that we so desperately need.
  • Jose Juan Barea came in and provided his usual spark off the bench with 12 points, but unfortunately he fouled on with a few minutes left in the game. It was just as well, the Mavericks didn't look to be coming back for a win.
  • Brendan Haywood started in place of Tyson Chandler (lower back stiffness) and only scored five points, but he pulled in 11 rebounds.
  • Dirk Nowitzki scored just 16 points, shooting 5-12 from the field. He's had a slow game or two, but can you really blame the guy? He essentially carried the team through their first three wins.
  • Jason Terry was a non-factor, shooting just 1-6 in 25 minutes off the bench. That combined with his not-so-great defensive skills left a bitter taste in fans' mouths.