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Mavericks Outsider Report for April 4, 2011

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Episode 25 of MOR is here! 25 means our car insurance rates are going down, yes!! The highly anticipated west coast road trip has come to an end, and we're here to pick up the pieces. We probably could have done a four hour show and still had plenty to talk about - instead, here's two hours crammed as we head to the "Doctor's Office" looking for a diagnosis of what is ailing the Mavs, and what it means going into the last week of the regular season. Be sure to catch the end of the show to get details on our upcoming playoff preview remote broadcast on 4/14. You can listen to the episode here, download and enjoy!

Intro - Man-Sized Road Recap (LAC, LAL, GSW, POR)
29:55 - Mavs Symptoms, Pt. 1: Energy
46:16 - Mavs Symptoms, Pt. 2: Guard Play
1:04:00 - Mavs Symptoms, Pt. 3: Rotation
1:21:08 - BG's Tales from the Road
1:40:38 - Game Previews (DEN, LAC, PHX, @HOU, NOH)

Our next episode is set for Thursday, April 14 (6-8 pm CST). It is our HUGE end-of-season special. Join us for our end-of-season wrap-up and preview for the Mavs' 2011 playoff run. We'll be broadcasting live from Twisted Root Burger in Dallas, with Mavs broadcasters Mark Followill and Jeff "Skin" Wade jumping on for the full show in a round table format. Twisted Root Burger is located in Dallas on SMU Blvd. just across the street from The Barley House.

You'll be able to listen live via Ustream. For future reference, you can catch the live stream here on MMB or you can also catch it live at and you'll be able to download the podcast, as always, if you're unable to listen live at the link listened above or on iTunes. And if you're not streaming live with us, you're missing out on some extra fun.

Also, you can always email us your thoughts and questions at