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My Farewell to Mavs Moneyball

I just wanted to let everyone know that Wednesday was my final contribution to Mavs Moneyball. It has been a wonderful season being on board with the blog, but an opportunity has come along that I truly can not pass up. For those who are interested, I will be joining the writing staff with Earl K. Sneed and company.

I want to thank Lisa for her ability to take a chance on me and letting me run with the ball for as long as I could. She has a lot on her plate and has to deal as the monkey in the middle (between the writers and the community) and she's done a lot of great work in the time I have been on board. Thank you, Lisa. To everyone who called me a robot, I still continue to state my case that I am not a robot. The blog is in good hands with Lisa and staff that still remains on board as things moves forward. Thank you to everyone who read my articles, I hope you enjoyed them all. Take care.