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The Next Big MMB Thing... Bloggers Wanted!

methinks that this will never get old. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Bongarts/Getty Images)
methinks that this will never get old. (Photo by Ralph Orlowski/Bongarts/Getty Images)
Bongarts/Getty Images

Just before the playoffs started, I posted this in the hopes that we would find some fresh faces for our humble little basketball blog. Since then, we've had a pretty unbelievable playoff run filled with all the drama and magic one could hope for in professional sports. And now? Well, our Dallas Mavericks are the NBA Champions, and the entire league is stalled in a lockout.

So now becomes the PERFECT time to hunker down and find some more bloggers to keep our content going throughout the lull. In the comments section, you will find responses from all sorts of potential authors, many of which have received several 'recs' (votes). I'm going to leave this up again over the weekend to a) provide a chance for new members to throw their hats in the ring and b) give you guys a chance to re-read some of the submissions and vote some more.

Everyone has a specialty, and if you think you have something excellent and unique to contribute to our community, give us a little description in the comments section. Everyone else, read through and rec the comments of people you'd be interested in hearing more from. This is like an audition- so prepare accordingly! Once we have a few people that seem to be garnering the most interest, we'll have those guys submit a legit post and the site as a whole will get to have a say in who joins our team. Sound good?

Ok then! WRITE!

If you aren't sure how to 'rec' a comment, click on 'actions' and then 'rec'. It's that simple :) DO IT.