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Welcome Our First New Guy... Chris Hamm

We have our first new kid on the block, Chris Hamm, who will be stepping in and helping with recaps as the season draws to a close. As I've done with authors in the past, I asked Chris to write a little introduction so you guys can get to know him a little better. He says it better than I do, so without further ado, here's Chris!

The ant that I was watching crawl across my floor has stopped moving, so it has come to this, choosing to write relatively calm recaps after Mavs games. Everyone knows me on this site, more or less, regardless of my screen name. I'm a passionate Mavericks fan who yells at his television when JJ Barea does something inexplicable (no, I'm not bbob). I marvel at the awkward grace of Dirk, and I feel sorry for his barren hand; it needs jewelry. I'm a fan first, and a blogger second, and that's something I won't forget. I go to games to experience the excitement, not to find the perfect adjective to describe a turnover.

However, it occurred to me that writing may be the best way to express frustration after a tough loss or to show happiness with a win, so, with Miss Rotter's acceptance, I decided to join the author side. No more anonymity. No more blending in with the angry crowd. In a previous life, I was discourteous toward authority as a part of that crowd, and in this life, I expect to pay for it, but try to be gentle, it's kind of my first time.

Go Mabs.