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Game Thread: Clippers (31-48) at Mavericks (53-25)

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Los Angeles Clippers

WHAT: A chance to halt the 4 game skid, if we play right.

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 7:30pm CT

HOW: League Pass | FSSW | KESN | KFWB

THE STORY: If you're the type who cares about seeding, then yes, this is an important win. If you care about momentum, then yeah, we probably don't want to lose. But if you're just waiting for the playoffs, this isn't exactly a do-or-die sort of game. Dirk Nowitzki has been off from Three-point Land, and everyone else (except Shawn Marion) has just been off. It would be nice to see them get their groove back before it's crunch time. There's some reading below the jump for your pleasure, and Clips Nation has their preview all typed and ready to go.

Clippers-Mavericks Preview - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Though the Dallas Mavericks might go into the playoffs feeling fine physically, it seems very possible they won't feel nearly as good mentally. Dallas could lose any shot it still had at claiming the Western Conference's second seed and get caught for the third spot if its losing streak reaches five Friday night against the visiting Los Angeles Clippers.

Shootaround Report: Clippers (31-48) at Mavericks (53-25) - Mavs Fast Break
"Tyson’s back. We can get us a win now." That’s what Mavericks sixth man Jason Terry joking yelled as he walked off the court at the American Airlines Center following the team’s Friday morning walkthrough. It was welcomed news.

Sefko: Perhaps Mavs' battle cry should be: We're No. 4
If you happen to be a person who likes a game of chance, find some pigeon in your office and bet him that the Mavericks will not finish third in the final Western Conference standings. Just make sure you get some odds on the deal. Make it at least 2-to-1 since it still seems more likely they will finish third.

Dallas Mavericks Blog: Clips Visit, Chandler's Back
Riding a four-game losing skid, the Dallas Mavericks might look at the perennial sad-sack Los Angeles Clippers as the perfect tonic to get a win and rediscover a little rhythm. That could be a dangerous way of looking at tonight's game at the American Airlines Center.