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Is Dallas the Favorite?

The Eastern Conference Finals start on Sunday, and according to odds-makers, the number 1 seed isn't favored to beat the Miami Heat.

This got me wondering about a lot of things, but most importantly, I wondered if the Mavs would be favored in their next series against either the Thunder or Grizzlies. Sure, in our minds we think the Mavs are the favorite because of record/seed, and who the team has beaten to get to where they are, but the focus on the last series was how the Lakers collapsed, not how the Mavericks beat LA. Dallas could be "rusty," not having played in over a week while the winner of the other series could be tired from going seven games.

The Thunder blew by the Nuggets, and they have two of the most exciting players left in the playoffs with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook, and they like to run a lot.

The Grizzlies beat the number 1 seed in the West, they have had games where they've looked very impressive, their aggressive defense and balanced offense in the post is intriguing to everyone who watches them.

So, here's a completely insignificant poll once the Western Conference Finals start on Tuesday.