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Game Thread: Thunder (0-0) at Mavericks (0-0), GAME ONE

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Oklahoma City Thunder

WHAT: Western Conference Finals, Game One

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 8:00pm CT


THE STORY: It feels like we've been waiting a year to see a game... not that there hasn't been interesting basketball to watch, but when it's not your team, it's just not the same. The question of the night seems to be which will win out: age/experience versus youth/inexperience. For our sanity, let's hope it's the former. Dallas has been chomping at the bit, ready to get this series started. It's here. Let's be classy as always if we plan on visiting Welcome to Loud City, K? Be sure to check out the links after the jump.

Also, I miss you guys. I'll be 100% back in action by Thursday night.

Oh, and as always, GO MABS GO! BEAT THE THUNDER!

Thunder-Mavericks Preview - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Kobe Bryant and Tim Duncan have been through so many playoff series, they would be good sources to discuss the prevailing themes in the Western Conference finals, like how valuable experience is at this stage and whether there's such thing as too much rest between rounds. Only, Bryant and Duncan aren't around. Association news

Best Durant defender? Answer might surprise - Dallas Mavericks Blog
The Dallas Mavericks, as they do against most big-time scorers, will go to the rotation to defend Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant. "We’re going to have three or four guys ready to guard him," Mavs coach Rick Carlisle said. "[Shawn] Marion will guard him for sure."

How the Mavs plan to stop Russell Westbrook: he's getting the Kobe treatment
Russell Westbrook, who a week ago was getting it from all sides in Thunder Nation, is about to get the ultimate compliment. He’s going to get the Kobe Bryant treatmen

Dallas Mavericks lucky Tyson Chandler's not on Oklahoma City Thunder - ESPN Dallas
The question was always asked with a smile and a laugh, but there was a lot of truth being told in this jest. "How good would you guys be if you had me?" Chandler occasionally asked Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook during their time together on Team USA last summer.