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One and A Half Superstars Lead the Mavericks to Victory Over the Thunder, 121-112

It was billed by analysts and critics as a series that would be youth versus age. In the first game of the Western Conference Finals, age prevailed as the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder in a game filled with physical play, and subsequently, a heap of free throws. Fans of these two teams tuned into a game, and a free throw contest broke out. Dirk had an awesome game that has become typical in these playoffs as he finished with a line that would make any fantasy owner sad that real playoff stats don't count. Sigh. Both teams shot at a high percentage as most defensive plays usually resulted in free throws. The story tonight was Dirk, though, as it didn't matter who was guarding the Blonde Bomber for OKC, he shot over, around, and through defenders all night on his way to 48 points on 15 shots.


"MVP, MVP, MVP" rang out through the American Airlines Center as Dirk made his 23rd and 24th straight free throws of the game. During this night, Dirk's night, it's hard to argue with those fans; so don't try, Bulls fans.


Game Two is on Thursday night at 8 CST.


Dirk's legend is growing. He wants it. I won't say what "it" is, but you know its name.

Dallas dispelled the thoughts that their layoff would cause them to "rust," as if they're some sort of metal machine that acted like a human. The word escapes me. Maybe Carlisle knows it.

JJ Superstar Barea killed it tonight. He was huge off of the bench, and sliced up the porous Thunder defense, just like he did in the series with the Lakers.

The Mavericks showed that being crafty and wise can overcome athleticism, but most of us knew that anyway.

Jason Terry had a really good game, but no one really notices because JJ is a superstar, and JET is not.

Dirk also had 4 blocks.



The Mavs allowed a lot of penetration, and dunks to the Thunder. That will be troubling if it continues to happen. If it's coupled with a dip in shooting percentage, the result could be ugly.

Mavs rely on Nowitzki a lot. He's going to carry this team because the rest of the starters basically no-show for stretches during games. Of course, if the bench keeps scoring, it doesn't matter if the starters are producing.