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Game Thread: Thunder (0-1) at Mavericks (1-0): GAME TWO

WHO: The Dallas Mavericks host the Oklahoma City Thunder

WHAT: Western Conference Finals, Game Two

WHERE: American Airlines Center, Dallas, TX

WHEN: 8:00pm CT


THE STORY: How does one top the game we watched Tuesday night? Redirkulous. The Thunder are going to switch things up, see if they can't find someone to stop the Big German, and hope for better offensive output from Russell Westbrook. The Mavericks are going to hope Dirk Nowitzki didn't use up all his magic, and will expect the rest of the starters to step up behind him. Welcome To Loud City could use some major love- Thunder fans are awesome. Just be sure to treat them nicely. Links after the jump.


Thunder-Mavericks Preview - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Over his 14 seasons in the NBA, Dirk Nowitzki says he's seen pretty much every defense possible. Well, Thunder coach Scott Brooks is tempted to try the ultimate gamble -- the invisible defender. That's right, nothing. Nobody. Maybe just someone shouting, "Boo!" or "Don't miss!" whenever Nowitzki loads up to shoot in Game 2 of the Western Conference finals on Thursday night.

MAVERICKS: Inside Report: No. 4 Thunder (0-1) at No. 3 Mavericks (1-0)
He put on his superhero cape and carried the Mavericks on his back to a victory in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. But even forward Dirk Nowitzki knows that his team will have to soar even higher in order to jump out to a 2-0 series lead on the Oklahoma City Thunder with a win in Game 2 on Thursday night.

Five things the Thunder and Mavericks need to know now - Ball Don't Lie
We're three games into the NBA's conference finals, and the feeling around the neighborhood is that we could also be well on our way to a competitive two weeks that features two seven-game series full of ultra-close and ultra-fab basketball. But it's up to the teams to keep it up and not get caught on the wrong end of four quick close losses on their way toward summer vacation. Let it get to summer first, right?

Russell Westbrook could be THE key player of Game 2 | Dallas Mavericks Blog
Oklahoma City point guard Russell Westbrook shot 3 for 15 in Game 1. But he also scored 20 points because he was able to draw fouls. He made 14-of-18 free throw attempts. So did he play poorly, or well? Did Dallas defend him well, or could it do better in Game 2?

If double comes on Dirk, all about 'swing-swing' - Dallas Mavericks Blog
There was a time when doubling Dirk Nowitzki on the block would be an easy decision. Now, it’s a dilemma. That’s due to Dirk’s ability to make smart, sharp passes out of double-teams. That was a facet of the game he struggled with even after Avery Johnson forced Nowitzki to develop as a back-to-the-basket scoring threat.