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Game Thread: Mavericks (2-1) at Thunder (1-2): GAME FOUR

WHO: The Oklahoma City Thunder host the Dallas Mavericks

WHAT: Western Conference Finals, Game Four

WHERE: Ford Center, Oklahoma City, OK

WHEN: 8:00pm CT


THE STORY: Somehow Dirk Nowitzki played a sub-par game and we still walked away with a win on the road. The theme of this year's playoffs seems to be role players finally stepping up when called upon, just as Shawn Marion did in game three. So who is it going to be tonight? You can bet Kevin Durant isn't going to keep missing threes, and we've seen that the Thunder bench is entirely capable of hanging with ours, so the Mavericks can not afford to lose one bit of intensity. Be sure to visit Welcome To Loud City, and check out the links below the jump.

Mavericks-Thunder Preview - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
The Oklahoma City Thunder are trying to use the same formula as the Dallas Mavericks to even up the Western Conference finals: Get angry and get a win. After claiming home-court advantage with a win in Dallas in Game 2, the Thunder got flattened in the first quarter of Game 3 and gave it right back.

Oklahoma writer: Rick Carlisle thinks things are 'too physical?' Ha, try not physical enough
Following the Mavericks' Game 3 win over the Thunder, Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle questioned why Dirk Nowitzki only shot three foul shots during the road game.

Backcourt pressure is a staple of Mavs D - Dallas Mavericks Blog - ESPN Dallas
After Game 2 in the first round against Portland, Dallas Mavericks coach Rick Carlisle made a defensive adjustment with some of his guards that has stuck throughout this playoff run.