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Mavs @ Thunder Playoff Post Game Four Quotes "He took over"

What the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder said 
after Game 4.




Coach Rick Carlisle


(On Kidd) "Everybody asks questions about the age and all that other stuff, but the thing I'd say to anybody is, 'Never underestimate greatness.'"

(On Durant) "He’s just one of those guys that needs the constant attention."

(On Marion on Durant) "It's become clear to Shawn exactly what we need from him. And we need just tenacity defensively. We need him to.... Durant needs to be wearing him like a suit."

(On gameplanning against Durant) "We're game planning like crazy for Durant. We're chasing him, we're double-teaming him out to half court a lot of the time. He's receiving a lot of attention. We got our hands on some balls and those deflections, they just showed how much we wanted to hang in and give ourselves a chance to win."

(On the Crowd) "We need our building to be as loud as this building. It’s as simple as that. This is a fantastic place to play a playoff game because of the level of enthusiasm, noise — I mean those were getting beat and they were going to lose and the place is yelling ‘O-K-C! O-K-C!’. The fans are beyond belief.."

(On the Series) "We worked really hard these two games to win, and none of that guarantees anything for Game 5. We know that. All of us involved with this team have been through a lot of these wars. We understand our position that we're in. We respect it. We're very humble about it. We've got to get ourselves revved up and ready for Wednesday, because that's an opportunity."

Dirk Nowitzki


(On OKC's start) "They hit us early today and we weren’t quite ready."

(On how big this Comeback was) "I can’t remember another comeback like that. It was a great comeback. Definitely one of the best that I remember being a Maverick."

(On down 15 with 5 Minutes to go) "It was almost over. I mean, if we mess up one more time or give up one more offensive rebound, that would have been game. So we couldn't afford any more mistakes down the stretch. And we were almost perfect."

(On how to comeback) "We kept believing. I think finally we got some rebounds. I think that was killing us all night long. We got second-chance points, tipouts. In the last couple minutes we got great stops, finally got some rebounds, and it really helped us (with) our flow. They couldn't really guard us off the transition and we needed to get some stops and that was big down the stretch."

(On OT) "Once we got to OT, after being down 15 and making that comeback, we talked about it and said, ‘We gotta make a run now. We’re here, this is our ballgame, we’ve got to go for it.’ That’s what we talked about."

(On his perfomance being called 'legendary' by JVG) "For some reason this series, I can't get a rebound. I had a good shootin' rhythm in the beginning. Guys found me in my spots and i was able to shoot over 'em some, so that was great. But a lot of Credit to Jason Kidd."

(On Kidd) "Really, I mean, I’m proud of Jason Kidd. I mean, the way he battles on defense, the floor game he leads for us every night, the steals he gets and the huge 3 in overtime to put us over the top and put us up by three. I tip my hat to him every night the way he competes. People still think that Kidd is not a good shooter. Over the years, he has proved everybody wrong. He made big shots for us this season. Any time he is open down the stretch, I think it is going in."

(On execution) "I don't know. We're just a veteran team trying to play off each other. We just ran [up and] down, we free-flowed. I don't even remember calling a play the last couple of minutes. We just ran down and pick-and-rolled and free-flowed it."

(On his do-or-die Three) "If it goes in, great. If not, it just wasn't our night."

(On Kidd's Three) "I was actually gonna make a play there on the elbow against Collison. And once I turned, I think Westbrook was right there or right in between, so I didn’t really have a good look. So, I swung it over to Kidd, and he made a nice little play, I thought."

(On his game prior in the first three quarters) "I was swingin' the ball too much. Too much facilitating."

(On the Series) "I think they’re gonna come back in Game 5 and throw everything at us, because they’re desperate now. They showed they can win on our home court, they stole Game 2 there, so they’re gonna be still confident. We’ve got to take it. Nothing is gonna be given to you in this league, especially not in the playoffs."

Jason Terry


(On keeping the faith down 15) "We’ve been on the flipside where we’ve given up 15-point leads. I’ve seen us give away a 20-point lead, down 15, down 10, come back in the fourth quarter, and Dirk finds a way. We just don’t lose confidence in those types of situations. I've been on the other side of that before, too many times, so I know how it feels. But we relied on our faith in each other and pulled it out. When you believe like that, anything can happen. Like I said, it was about keeping the faith."

(Reflecting on the Game) "Instant classic. This team right here is trying to make its own legacy."

(On what was the Game) "Throughout every season, there comes a time and a situation where they're going to test the courage and the mettle and the inner strength of your team. This was one of those times. It's a defining moment of your season. It's one that we're going to look back on when it's all done and say, 'Hey, that was the game.'"

(On Marion's D) "When he plays that way, he's the best on-ball defender in the league."

(On Five Minutes) "Five minutes is a long time. I don't care who you are, you have to play that final five minutes. You have to win the game. For us it was like, 'what do we have to lose?' We can go home with the series tied at 2-2 or we can make run at this team, see if they hold up and maybe go home 3-1. That's what our mentality was."

(On this Game compared to Game 3 in '06) "Nothing is ever going to compare to that. Unless we go all the way."

Jason Kidd


(On the Mavs first three quarters) "We just felt we couldn’t get over the hump. In the playoffs, you can’t just throw in the towel. We could have easily said, ‘Hey, we did our job, we won Game 3 and now we’re gonna go home with the split. But nobody ever hung their head. Nobody was complaining. We kept playing."

(On the Huddle down 15) "During the timeout there was always the comment that there was a lot of time left. Five minutes, three minutes left, we felt if we could get the clock stopped and be able to score, hopefully that would give us a chance to do something."

(On his OT Three) "I knew the ball was gonna end up to me. Dirk has a little trust in me and I thought they were going to go double on us, so my job is to be able to knock down that shot. They kind of went to him late so Westbrook could contest my 3. I thought about jumping into him, but I just reloaded and shot it. People were talking about it reminded them of the Boston game in Boston, so I just got lucky that the ball went in."

(On problematic areas) "The big thing is we've got to address the rebounding. We can't give up 20 offensive rebounds. When we went small, they got a lot of offensive rebounds. When you do go small, everybody's got to help out and rebound. Somewhere in the 50s to 30s in rebounding, you're not going to win many games like that."

(On the series) "Nah, I don't really pay too much attention to the count," Kidd said. "I'm just trying to go out there and play for 48 minutes and see what happens at the end."

Tyson Chandler


(On the Game) "Big-time game. I'm just proud of my teammates. I think we are all frustrated with different parts of the game. I got taken out of the game early. I never really quite got in the game mentally. I was just frustrated. But as a team collectively, we hung in there. We never gave up on each other."

(On Wardrobe Malfunctions) "We're never going to give up. If they beat us, they beat us. But we're not going to give up."

(On Dirk) "I'm kind of getting used to him being heroic at the end of the game. You start to recognize what being a superstar is all about. He relishes those moments. When a game starts to get close, you expect him to make every big shot."

(On his 4th Technical) "I deserved this T. This one is not getting rescinded. I mean, not that I deserved it, but this one was a tangle-up and I did hit him. They got this one right. I know i have to contain my emotions and I hope the officials recognize that that I’m not the initiator in all this."

(On the Possibility of getting 7 Tecs and thereby a single-game supsension) "That’s not going to happen. I’m not getting another tech throughout the rest of the season. No more techs for me."

Shawn Marion


(On the Challenge of defending Durant) "I’m a competitor. What more do I need to say? He’s a handful. It’s hard to stop somebody who gets those shots, but I can make it harder."

(On his Defense) "I was just playing good, solid defense. I was trying to frustrate him, and I stayed with it. Even though he hit those first shots in the game, I was all over dude. He hit some tough shots, but I was making it hard for him."

(On the final possesion of Durant in Regulation) "He had nowhere to go. We were resilient. What more can I say, we did what we had to do. We were hungry. We wanted it. We just kept fighting and fighting, we got over that hump and we saw daylight."

(On Belt-gate) "I don't know, I don't know what they were doing. I don't care what they were doing. We did what we had to do. It's not about them, it's about us. It's about us going out there and maintaining our focus and going out there and closing out a game the best way we know how. And that's it."

(On the Mavs) "I've been saying it all season and I'm going to keep saying it. We're a resilient team, we're a special team and we believe in each other. We're going to keep on doing what we do until the end. And we're not done yet.

Brendan Haywood


(On the comeback) "You're lying if you're not surprised. Down 15 with 5 minutes to play you're thinking hopefully something can happen.You're just kind of wishing. Next thing you know you look up there, Dirk hits a big 3, come down with another big bucket and you think, 'Well, we've got a fighter's chance.' The next thing you know it's a one-point ballgame, get a couple of stops and we're tied and we're going to overtime. We got to the overtime. I felt good because I thought we had momentum. Losing that lead, it takes a lot out of you mentally and I thought we would have capitalized on that."

(On the Defense in the last 5 Minutes of Regulation) "We knew that if we got stops and could make it close, then we had a fighting chance. When Harden fouled out, we focused all our attention on KD. That was basically it. We really spaced the court. I mean, we really shrunk the court. Jason Kidd was playing center field in the middle of the lane, Tyson Chandler was back there. Everybody was concentrating on not letting KD get to the hole, so he was forced to throw deep jumpers without Harden to space the court for him."

(On Marion's Defense) "Trix’s defense? Everybody’s going to talk about Dirk’s 40, but we don’t win this game without Trix’s defense."

(Talk about Dirk's 40) "A lot of people compare him to Larry Bird. This is why."

(On 55-33 Rebounds) "Normally when you get outrebounded like that, usually it's a butt-kicking."


Coach Scott Brooks


(On the Loss) "There's no doubt it was a tough loss. If this loss did not hurt, there's no such thing as a loss that can hurt you."

(On doubleteaming Dirk, maybe?) "He made a contested 3. You can't double-team that. He made a spin off the wrong foot, contested. He made that. He made one that we double-teams on the baseline that was an impossible shot, and he made that. He took over."

(On Youth being at fault here) "We fouled them in the backcourt and gave them [six] free throws without having any time run off the clock. Was that youth? I don't know. That's how we've had success all year, playing with a young team. We just have to execute better."

(On Durant's blocked 30ft Three) "It wasn't well-executed. They did a good job of pushing us out and taking us off the spot. We have to be stronger. We have to be able to push back without getting the foul, and Kevin was worried because he pushed back one time and got the foul. [But] everybody has to fight for their space on the floor."

(On the Offense late) "I thought we had some good looks that we missed and we turned it over. Ball movement is something that we have to continue to get better at."

(On if his team relaxed up 15) "Looking back, you could probably say that."

(On Westbricking two FTs late) "Russell never misses free throws in the fourth quarter. He always seems to be automatic."

(On the Lessons) "It goes without saying that it was a tough loss to accept, but it is a loss and we have to learn from it. I thought our guys played as hard a basketball game as you can play. They were physical, we challenged shots, we struggled a little bit down the stretch with execution and throughout the game we struggled with turnovers."

Kevin Durant


(On his strong start) "Early on, I was getting the ball where I wanted to and they were just playing straight-up defense."

(On Mavs adjustment) "Later on, I got the ball where I wanted to and I seen three or four guys around me and I had to make a pass. A few of those times it was just too clogged up. I didn't want to force a bad shot. I wanted to pass to my teammates. I believe in my teammates. I trust in them, but we just weren't making shots and they were."

(On the final possession in Regulation) "I didn't have anything else to do. I caught the ball almost at the halfcourt line, saw three Mavericks in front of me and had three seconds on the clock. I didn't know what else to do. I tried to get a shot up. I didn't want to run into their defense and get another turnover. I didn't know what else to do. He [Marion] played good D."

(On maybe Experience vs Youth...) "Our youth has nothing to do with it. We've shown we can play on this level."

(On his mood) "I feel upset because I let them down. I let the city down."

(On his mission now) "Try to bring it back here to OKC."

(On the Reasons for the Collapse) "They made shots, we didn't. Dirk Nowitzki was great. Making threes and ..contested jumpshots. They played great defense, so..... we lost."

(On the Series) "It's not over yet."

Russell Westbrook


(On the late 4th) "I feel like we went a little cold. We had the game in our favor at the start of the fourth quarter. We just were not able to close it out. I think we just missed shots. Those were shots we usually knock down, but they just did not fall for us tonight."

(On Dirk late) "We couldn't double because of the shooters they have around him. It was tough."

Thabo Sefalosha


(On the Game) "I don't know what went wrong. It is hard to talk about it. They just really played tough in the fourth and in overtime. Kevin Durant could not get any open shots, and that was the story."

(On Youth vs Age) "A game like this, experience is something that’s really important. Tonight we showed we’re lacking some of it."

(On bouncing back) "I think we can. We have bounced back a lot of times. We are playing against a very good team. We have to make some adjustments and keep fighting. It is not over yet. We have a lot of basketball to play, and we have to keep pushing."


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Carlisle Postgamebits

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MMB | Rottcap: Orchestrating Incredible

But wait. With just moments left in the game. Dirk Nowitzki decided he didn't want to go out with his tail between his legs, and he led the Mavericks in a 15-2 run to close within two. And when I say led, I mean he hit about four unpossible shots. And then, with a shot-clock left in the game, he drew the foul, waltzed to the line, and hit them both. To tie the game. Make that a 17-2 run. Shawn Marion blocked a silly shot by Kevin Durant and Jason Kidd grabbed the ball and immediately called time out. Guess what? We're headed to overtime.

Welcome to Loud City On the Brink You already knew that

The Thunder lost a heartbreaker in overtime to the Mavericks tonight, but you already knew that.

The Thunder controlled the game from the opening tip until all but five minutes remained in the game. You knew that too.

The Thunder have an Achilles Heel.

The Thunder never learned to protect their Heel.

You knew that too.


Rest assured, if the Thunder somehow are to continue and prolong the series, they will again face another final five minutes, and they still do not yet know how to win in those final five minutes.

But you already knew that. Mavs Impressive Comeback

Kevin Durant had just drained a 3-pointer and then turned to the Thunder bench and wrapped both hands around his waist, Aaron Rodgers' championship belt pose and all, with 5:06 to play.

The party was won and the series was back to even and two games each and for a moment, albeit a brief one, these Mavericks were right back where they started in this series a week ago.

But what looked like the end to the Thunder was only the beginning for Marion and the Mavericks, who staged a playoff comeback for the ages in the final five stunning minutes of regulation and five more surreal minutes of overtime before a sellout crowd at Oklahoma City Arena.

The Mavericks didn't just rally for a 112-105 Game 4 win in epic fashion, they stole the hearts, minds and souls of the Thunder with this one, shocking themselves as much as anyone with the championship-caliber mettle they showed down the stretch, taking a 3-1 lead in this series and moving one step closer to their first trip to the NBA Finals since 2006.

ESPN Dime Man on a Mission

You saw it, right? Surely you saw Kevin Durant -- so sure he had just hit the Dallas Mavericks with a game-sealing dagger -- morphing into Aaron Rodgers and cinching up his imaginary championship belt before prancing back to the bench.

Dirk Nowitzki says he didn't see it. Not when it was happening, anyway.

Nowitzki was too busy, with his Mavs suddenly down 15 and seemingly doomed to an all-tied-up flight home, ripping into himself on his way to a timeout.

ESPN Dallas Destiny?

There was a bunch of shoulder-shimmying and chest-bumping and imaginary championship belts being busted out on the Oklahoma City bench, as the Thunder seemed to have a series-evening win in their grasp.

Then something happened that was almost as unbelievable as the one-and-done-prone Dallas Mavericks making a realistic run for a ring.


At this point, perhaps we should stop being surprised at the Mavs pulling off the improbable. It's beginning to feel like destiny.

This really could finally be the year for Nowitzki to go from one of the greatest players in NBA history without a ring to just one of the greatest players in NBA history. Same goes for Jason Kidd.

Daily Thunder Simply Heartbreaking

Think about this game. The Thunder came out rolling early and fought off a few Dallas comebacks. The first lead Dallas had in this game came in overtime. The Thunder dominated this game. They pretty much won this game. At least they should have. That’s all you can say. They should have won this game. How you can ever dream of coming back from a loss like this is hard to imagine.

Get used to this. It’s part of it. This is part of having a team that you love dearly, that you make yourself a part of. It hurts when bad things happen. It’s not always good and fun. It’s year three and this team is young. If we’re lucky, there’s going to be a lot more heartbreaking moments over the next 50 years. You think Blazer fans are over their Game 7 collapse against the Lakers? It happens. And you won’t get over it. The only way you will is if the Thunder pulls off a stunner and wins this series somehow. The chances of that happening, well, aren’t good.

Game 4 was a meltdown. Plain and simple. I suppose the series isn’t over, but for it to go down like this, man, what do you say? To have this kind of bad taste in your mouth after what could very well be the last home game of the season is a complete shame. This is why sports suck. You invest yourself so much emotionally, you live and breathe through a team and just when they’ve got you back to believing, your heart is shattered. It’s what jades people. It’s what makes you forget about what a magical season it’s been and how good we’ve had it.

Hoopdata Boxscore | Notes for Mavs Thunder

No matter what prism you've been watching this series through, there were moments in that stirring comeback that would play to your perceptions.

*If you're in the "Dirk's Destiny" camp, you saw a few seemingly impossible shots go down in the Mavericks late surge. Jeff Van Gundy called the performance "legendary."

*If you've been blaming a lot of things on Russell Westbrook (like me!), it's as if he wanted to make sure EVERYONE IN THE WORLD saw that he's likely to make very poor decisions at horrible times...and that he's not a consistent shooter once you get away from the basket.

*If you think Westbrook is getting blamed too much, there were several poor decisions by his teammates and his coach down the stretch that played a big role in the blown lead.

An advanced Boxscore at Arturo

I feel like I should be writing a series wrap-up.

OKC was up 15 with five minutes left and then their best player fouled out.

And then it became Dirk time.

Dirk, Kidd and Marion on D. The Thunder got pantsed by the Mavs.

I was mad at the refs after the last game that Dirk was getting mugged by Collison every time he had the ball. Dirk however adjusted and went completely medieval on the poor sod. Thunderous Collapse

Oklahoma City has faced elimination before, but never against a team this good, this complete. Brooks called this game a tough loss "for our organization, for every player, for every coach, for the fans" and his players body language backed him up. In a hushed section of the arena late Monday night, Durant gave his mother a hug before quickly disappearing down a hallway. He wanted to escape this game, this feeling. He wanted to move on. Against this Dallas team, that may be too tall a task.


Dirk was, by the way, very pretty.

I understand that he's been typically this brilliant in the years since everyone decided to slough him off following the Finals and then Golden State Warriors embarrassments of 2006 and 2007, but he really has changed during this postseason. There is a consistent potency and drive to his attack that, I'm sorry, wasn't there over the last two playoff runs. Maybe it's the difference between deciding to shoot after four spins around your defender (this year) versus two (the last few years; where Dirk still put up ridiculous scoring and efficiency numbers), or maybe it's just the luck of the matchups, but I remain in awe.

Basketballprospectus Up short

Dallas 112, at Oklahoma City 105 (OT, Dallas leads 3-1)
Pace: 92.7
Offensive Ratings: Dallas 109.9, Oklahoma City 102.2

10 possessions. That's how much of Monday's Game Four between the Dallas Mavericks and the Oklahoma City Thunder remained when James Harden fouled out with 4:33 left to play. Oklahoma City entered the stretch in control, leading by 12 points. All the Thunder had to do to win was be within a point per possession of the Mavericks the rest of the way--a preposterously large difference. Didn't happen. Dallas scored 14 points on its last 10 trips down the floor in regulation, while Oklahoma City managed just two. The Mavericks took all the momentum into overtime and ended up with a 112-105 victory that gives them a commanding 3-1 lead in the series.

Kidd and Nowitzki were the key figures as Dallas executed without taking a timeout late in regulation. Playing in the flow of the game down two points, Kidd and Nowitzki went to a pick-and-roll that forced Collison to foul Nowitzki and send him to the line for two game-tying free throws. The play allowed the Mavericks to save their final timeout (called by Kidd in a heady play) for a desperation attempt to win in the final second.

As critical to Dallas' comeback was the way the team stepped up on the defensive glass after getting destroyed by the Oklahoma City in the first three-plus quarters. Following Harden's exit, the Thunder had just one offensive rebound in 12 opportunities, a dramatic change from the 19 boards in 35 opportunities Oklahoma City got earlier in the game.

NBAPlaybook Did KD blow that Final Possesion?

One of the biggest criticisms that I have for Thunder head coach Scott Brooks, is that he doesn’t really run any sets late. There have been far too many examples of the Thunder relying on Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook ability to create for themselves when they need a basket in the final seconds, and that is part of the reason why they struggle in late game situations. We saw a perfect example of this with 38.6 seconds left and the Thunder holding a two point lead

Refcalls Summary

Here’s a summary of the calls (described in detail below). We don’t claim these are all of them, but a pretty thorough representation.

Wrong calls/no-calls penalizing Dallas – 5
Wrong calls/no-calls penalizing OKC – 8

Wrong calls/no-calls by refs:

  • Dan Crawford – 6
  • Tony Brothers – 2
  • Ken Mauer – 2
  • Shared among multiple refs – 4

PBT Incredible Comback | Dirk Closes | Thunder learning the hard way

Give all the credit in the world to Dallas, but really, it’s too bad for Oklahoma City. True, it’s a young and inexperienced team that has suffered from below average coaching in this series, especially on the offensive end of the floor. But with a 15-point lead, at home, with under five minutes remaining?

The Thunder had this.

Shortly after Kevin Durant entered the NBA, he was given the label of the NBA’s Next Great Closer. Everything about him suggests that he should be able to close teams out. He has a quiet confidence about him, is never afraid to shoot the ball, and never seems to break a sweat as he coldly pours in basket after basket.

More importantly, his game looks the part. Like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, the current closer archetypes, Durant is a great athlete with a beautiful jump shot and a natural grace about his game — it’s so easy to picture Durant firing a jump shot over a helpless defender as time expires, which is the image we always associate with "closers" in basketball.

Nowitzki, meanwhile, has never really been seriously considered as a closer. He’s soft. He’s European. He’s a big man. He missed a crucial free throw in Game 3 of the 2006 Finals. He’s never won a ring. Et cetera.

The truth, however, is that Dirk has been perhaps the deadliest closer in the NBA for years, while Durant has had his ups and downs in late-game situations.

Nowitzki may not be seen as having the "clutch gene" because of his late-game struggles in the finals a half a decade ago and his perceived "softness" (which is more rooted in xenophobia than it is in actual analysis of Nowtizki’s game), but he’s much better suited to succeed in late-game situations than Durant is.

Nowitzki shoots a ridiculous 53.2% in isolation situations, and 54.4% in post-up situations, which usually occur in the mid-to-high post area rather than the low post. Nowitzki’s mid-range jump shot, which he has become an absolute master at setting up, is the best go-to move in the NBA, bar none. Even if the defense knows it’s coming, they have little hope of stopping it, and Dirk has developed a few nifty counter-moves that allow him to score if the defense attempts to overplay the jumper too much. And if you try to play him physical and end up committing a foul, that’s two nearly-automatic points.

These are hard, painful lessons for the Oklahoma City Thunder.

They are the hard, painful lessons virtually every championship team has had to learn. Michael Jordan and his Bulls were knocked out three straight years by the Detroit Pistons, teaching him hard lessons. It’s true of champions since. Even the two-time, soon-to-be-dethroned Lakers had to not just lose but get crushed by the Celtics in a closeout game to understand the final steps they had to take.

Championship teams learn from these lessons and come back better for it. The Thunder started that process last season, lessons learned from the energy the Lakers responded with when challenged last season helped propel the Thunder to the Western Conference finals

Hoopshype Tweets

Shane Battier: ": why is Marion forcing Durant right? Is he better going left??"(better going to the hoop right, better j left)


Shane Battier: Dirk is the G.E.E. (greatest Euro ever, with apologies to Sabonis). In my humble opinion.

Shane Battier: True story. Played against Dirk Before he was Dirk. He was pretty sweet back then too. Ha.

Nazr Mohammed: That one definitely hurt. Can't believe we let that 1 slip away. Gotta learn from it and prolong the series. #OneGameAtATime about 4 hours ago

Nazr Mohammed: Can't think about the whole series at this point. Gotta concentrate on winning Wed then having 1 more game in front of our fans. #ThunderUp about 4 hours ago

Shawn Marion: Great win that's what's up on way home about 5 hours ago

Jose Juan Barea: What a game ... Coqui about 5 hours ago

Jose Juan Barea: Que clase de juego como decimos en PR ... Coqui about 5 hours ago

Caron Butler: Hell of a Win by the good guys headed back to Dallas.... about 5 hours ago

Marquis Daniels: Dirk Vader does it again for the mavs #beleedat about 5 hours ago

Luc Mbah a Moute: Dirk probably had one of the best takeovers in playoffs history. 5 hours ago

Brandon Jennings: Dallas vs Heat (rematch of the 06 Finals) That's my pick I think 5 hours ago

Anthony Tolliver: OH and I hate to pat myself on the back but I did say this would b the best playoffs in a long time....STILL lookin pretty smart! Lol.... 6 hours ago

Anthony Tolliver: Wooooooooooooooooow! That was one of the greatest comebacks I've ever seen... #mavs vs #heat finals would b EPIC! 6 hours ago

Lloyd Pierce: I've never seen a player like DIRK and i don't recall him ever playing this WELL. I love his day off skill development repetition workouts about 6 hours ago

Spencer Hawes: Fantastic NBA playoff game. Great clutch play by mavs down the stretch. #ilovethisgame about 6 hours ago

Samardo Samuels: Dirk about 6 hours ago

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Chris Paul: Dirk is a PROBLEM... about 6 hours ago

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Gary Forbes: Nah there's no1 I'd rather be than me and only me... about 6 hours ago

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DaJuan Summers: Goodnight! about 6 hours ago

Ty Lawson: This game is crazy!!!! about 6 hours ago

Tony Allen: J kidd big motivation!! about 6 hours ago

Mike Miller: What a game going on right now. Gotta love @NBA yesterday

Steve Nash: Dirk Nowitzki: Murder was the case!! Can they pull it off in OT? @Dirk Nowitzki yesterday

Charlie Bell: Dirk game so cold right now. He is playing at an all time high level right now yesterday

CJ Miles: That's why they call him Dirty dirk yesterday

Jason Thompson: WOW!! What a Game yesterday

Chris Kaman: Wow Dirk!!!! yesterday

Anthony Morrow: Now we got a game yesterday

Charlie Bell: This a great game yesterday

Tony Allen: Well damn dirk yesterday

Anthony Morrow: The German Shepherd out there on some Larry Bird stuff, I never seen dirk like this yesterday

Trevor Booker: I turned the game 5 mins ago bc I figured Dallas didn't have a chance then turned it back by mistake and they r down by 2...dirk? yesterday

Gary Forbes: I wanna be like DIRK!!!!!!!!!! yesterday

Spencer Hawes: Dirk is a killer yesterday

Andrew Bogut: Wow, for how well OKC have played in this half, they should be up more going into the big break. Thoughts? yesterday

DeAndre Jordan: Dirk = Bottoms Up!!! Lol yesterday

Anthony Morrow: Pivotal game in OKC, bout to eat and watch this yesterday

The Point Forward Remember that Trade?

The Dallas Mavericks are weird championship contenders. Their best isolation scorer, off the dribble or in the post, is a 7-foot German dude for whom there is really no NBA precedent. They have one point guard-type player who can create in the paint consistently off the pick-and-roll (J.J. Barea), and his sub-6-foot status makes him a defensive liability whom the Mavs have to be very careful about playing for extended minutes.

Their best little guy scorer (Jason Terry) comes off the bench, rarely gets deep in the lane on pick-and-rolls and is often the target of opposing offenses even though he works hard on defense.

This is a strange team with all sorts of obvious personnel limitations, but it works — on both ends. The Mavs’ offense is torching everyone, and the defense has held steady in the playoffs against three of the league’s top-10 offenses — at least two of which would seem primed to exploit Dallas’ smallish backcourt.

Jason Kidd is a piece that helps hold this puzzle together.

2MG's Difference

If you’re one for hyperbole, then you just witnessed the greatest playoff comeback in Dallas Mavericks history. If you’re not, well, you still witnessed the greatest playoff comeback in Dallas Mavericks history. To say this was an all-timer is no exaggeration, as the ridiculous 17-2 run the Mavs used to create a competitive game where there ought be none was shot on pre-aged celluloid, ready to be used in a hundred NBA commercials and playoff specials and retrospectives. This was a performance of immediate historic importance, and Dirk Nowitzki’s spins and fakes will become inseparable from the spine of playoff lore. The Mavs continue on their long, steady march through this season’s playoffs and toward their ultimate goal, but just four games into the Western Conference Finals, they’ve already reached immortality.



Haywood bricked three of [eight] from the line. Why oh why don't you chop that wood, Portland Lakers Thunder? He is now 10-31 on FTs in 14 games. Celebration for our third-best Center, Beaches! [nsfw]

Dirk missed 1 FT. Marion and Haywood missed the Rest. Mavs got 39 FTA, Thunder 25. Wow

20-20-4 Watch

Chandler 5-8-0 Haywood 9-3-1 Mahinmi DNP-Playoffs/French

Field Goals

Mavs 35, Thunder 42 That's dominant, too.


OKC 54 DAL 36. Good Advantage
OKC 21 DAL 40 Looks like it
Break it FAST
DAL 6 (off 25 Turnovers, lol) OKC 19 (off 13 To) Grind deluxe
DAL 16 Assists OKC 23 Assists They were pretty sharp for a long time..

Bonus (patience)






Disclaimer: If you couldn't tell by now, all italic sentences are made up thoughts, not actual quotes. Also, 361 Photos. Reminds me of something.

Finally....KneeJerk Recap (TM) Jonthefon v4.04

The Mavs (beat/lost to) [the Oklahoma City Thunder]¹ tonight (thanks to/despite) totol reliance on Dirk’s Awesomeness late in the 4th Quarter. The (cloud in the silver lining/major culprit) once more as usual was the (reliabilty/lack) of support from his team-mates, with the exception of Jason Kidd/Tyson Chandler². Especially useless was Jason Terry/Jose Barea/Peja Stojakovic/Brendan Haywood/DeShawn Stevenson/Shawn Marion/³ and it is (GUESS WHAT) THEY’RE ALMOST NOT ALL USELESS!

¹ Inserted Opponent

² Only one of them, mind you.

³ Two at the minimum, up to all six seven of them.