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Mavs Moneylinks: NBA Finals 2011 Edition


Nowitzki books return trip to NBA Finals - NBA - Yahoo! Sports
Follow the path of the ball. From Dirk Nowitzki to Tyson Chandler to Jason Terry to Jason Kidd to Shawn Marion to Nowitzki again. Five desperate veterans, five redemptive basketball souls, each pulling on the other, forming a rope all the way to the NBA Finals.

Jason Terry got a tattoo of the championship trophy before the season - Ball Don't Lie - NBA Blog - Yahoo! Sports
The Dallas Mavericks' run in this postseason has been pretty shocking. Although they came into the playoffs with the No. 3 seed in the West, no one really gave them much of a shot of making the NBA Finals, and several geniuses (myself included) predicted that they'd lose to the Blazers in a first-round upset.

Sussing Out the Other Matchups of the N.B.A. Finals -
The N.B.A. Finals may depend heavily on who starts or finishes in coverage against LeBron James or Dirk Nowitzki, but there are a number of other potential mismatches that could play a significant role in crowning the league's champs.

Hail grounds Mavs' planes, pinch-hitter called - Dallas Mavericks Blog
When the Dallas Mavericks fly to Miami on Sunday afternoon to begin preparations for Tuesday's Game 1 of the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat, they might not recognize the plane they're boarding.

LeBron on Dirk: 'If I need to guard him throughout the course of the series, I will'
It's the matchup that basketball fans might really want to see. Not Heat vs. Mavericks. LeBron vs. Dirk. There's a chance at some point in the NBA finals, which begin Tuesday when Dallas visits Miami, that Heat forward LeBron James may find himself guarding Mavs star Dirk Nowitzki.

Dallas Mavericks dedicate NBA title pursuit to Caron Butler - ESPN Dallas
The Dallas Mavericks understood that however hard he worked, forward Caron Butler probably would not be joining this team of ring-less veterans on its pursuit of an NBA title. So they dedicated the journey to him.

Dwyane Wade on the hatred Mavericks fans have for him: 'I really don't care'
The Miami Heat's practice went about an hour long Saturday afternoon here, but LeBron James and Dwyane Wade hung around for about 20 minutes to address the media. I asked Wade if he had any kind of grasp on the magnitude of the hatred Mavericks fans have for him, and he smiled, before answering.

Playoff Practice Report (05/28/11) - Mavs Fast Break
It may be the only thing missing in Dallas Mavericks point guard Jason Kidd’s future Hall of Fame career. It’s also the lone thing that still haunts Mavericks sixth man Jason Terry, so much so that he had a tattoo of its likeness inked into his skin this past offseason.

Dallas Mavericks ready to grasp opportunity after long wait for veterans - ESPN Dallas
Eight years have passed since Jason Kidd played in his second of consecutive NBA Finals with the New Jersey Nets. He was 30 then and in his ninth season. Never did he believe it would take so long to get there.