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Mavs @ Lakers Playoff Post Game Two Quotes "Trust me"

What the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers said 
after Game 2.


(pics take some time, docfunk out of business, too - apparently.)



Coach Rick Carlisle


(On how big of a win this is for his team) "It's one of sixteen that we need and right now we have ten more wins to get to our goal. That's what we're focusing on. I thought our focus and concentration was terrific tonight, much better than game one and it had to be. They [Lakers] made some runs, we answered. We turned it over, we didn't lose our composure. Those kinds of things are the kinds of things you have to do to win."

(On the Lakers defense in comparison to the Mavs offense) "We were able to get a lot of stops and that helps us get our offense going. Defensive rebounding is always going to help your offense. When we get the ball up the floor and get moving it, we're tough to guard."

(On how difficult it is to guard Dirk Nowitzki) "Dirk's Nowitzki one of the hardest guys to guard in the history of basketball. It's not just tonight, it's every night; he's a game changer. He's our horse and we don't have a pecking order of scorers. For us, we may need to have six or seven guys with five or more points to be on target with where we need to be."

(On holding the Lakers to 32 points in the second half and how their defense is working to hold the Lakers to that many points) "For the most part we're at a stance, we're helping each other and we're scrambling. We need to have teams see a blue or white, depending on where we're playing. When we're scrambling and helping each other and have five guys in there getting rebounds we're a very good defensive team. Tonight was the kind of effort we have to have."

(On if he believes his team can sweep the Lakers) "I believe that right now we're going to stay overnight here tonight, we will enjoy this moment for tonight and once 1 a.m. hits we're going to be focusing on game #3. The way you could be successful in this league is to always be focused and concentrating on the direct task at hand. Right now we have to get our minds geared towards the next game. But we're going to enjoy this briefly, but our work has just begun."

(On Game 3) "We’re gonna need every gun blazing and throw the kitchen sink at these guys when they come into our place, because this is a great team, a championship team, and to knock them off you’ve gotta concentrate and focus every single second."

Dirk Nowitzki


(On the win) "It was definitely a big win. We talked about Game One and didn't want to get too high on that win. But we definitely wanted to go for it tonight. We didn't a decent job early in the game taking their blow. We knew they were going to come out on fire. Kobe was playing well, they tried to establish Bynum and Gasol, but we kept plugging."

(On the Mavs defense and offense) "To one of the most explosive teams, we gave up 33 points in the second half. That's obviously the key. I don't think we were particularly on fire. We shot only 42 percent.We just couldn't make a lot of shots. But defensively, we battled and tried to make it tough on Kobe and tried to keep a tight paint."

(On being unsuccessfully defended by Artest) "I saw Artest was on me and I just pushed JET out and said let me take care of this matchup on the low post. I felt like I could shoot over him."

(On JJ Barea) "Really, I don't think they had him on the scouting report there in the fourth. He kept attacking off the pick-and-roll. We had good ball movement and that means they have to constantly close out and J.J. was able to attack their bigs off the dribble off the screen-and-roll and got to the basket a couple of times. He was spectacular and really won us the game in the fourth."

(On facing a maybe hungry Lakers team in Game Three and sustaining their killer mindset) "We have to sustain [a killer mindset]. We're a veteran team. We talked about it and this series is far from over. I've been around a long time. I've been up 2-0 before and ending up losing the series, and I've been down 2-0, lost both home games to Houston a couple years ago, and came back and won in Game Seven. So we've seen a lot of things happen in this league. We have to stay focused, stay together, let our home crowd ride us on Friday, and hopefully get another great win."

(On if he is at all surprised the beat the Lakers twice at STAPLES) "If you would have told me before that we were going to win both games, it would have been hard to believe. But I think we earned it. We dodged a couple bullets in Game One. They had a big lead and let us back in. Kobe had a great look at a game-winner that he usually makes nine out of ten. And today, I thought we just went for it."

(On slowing down Pau Gasol) "With Pau, I'm just trying to battle. He's so long in there. You have to attack him on the defensive end to try to take his legs away on the offensive end. I thought we did a good job battling their bigs."

Jason Terry


(On bench scoring) "We're just very opportunistic. There's certain things that we like to do as a bench when we get the opportunity, and I think that we've been able to do that thus far. The key for us is can we maintain it."

(On different Players stepping up) "DeShawn Stevenson started it off. Again, it’s been a theme throughout the playoffs, throughout the regular season. Somebody is gonna step up for us. We don’t know who it is, and someone is gonna be the unsung hero. Tonight it was DeShawn and J.J. Barea, what he did at the end of the third and start of the fourth quarter, and our bigs. So, it was a collective effort. We’re a team and that’s evident."

Jason Kidd


(On the Mavs) "I think we kept our composure. We were patient, but playing defense is what's going to win games this time of the year. Right now that's been our focal point. We feel we're going to get good looks, it's just a matter of make or miss. There for a stretch it was 68-62 and we couldn't make a shot. But, defensively, we held serve in the sense of they couldn't score. Once we got off 68, we started to score and continued to play defense.

(On what's different with these Mavs) "The only thing that may be different throughout the season is that we're playing defense."

(On keeping focus) "It's a 48 minute game. With the guys like Kobe and the players they have, they can score in a hurry. So for us, we were up 13 or 14 and we couldn't stop playing. We had to get stops, but on the other hand we had to keep trying to score the ball."

Tyson Chandler


The Original Captions are so cold, sometimes.

Dallas Mavericks center Tyson Chandler, left, dunks as Los Angeles Lakers forward Lamar Odom defends during the first half in Game 2 of a second-round NBA playoff basketball series, Wednesday, May 4, 2011, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Pizzello)

(On defensive intensity) "We felt like we made a lot of mistakes defensively in the first game. After watching the tape, we gave them a lot of open shots, and we wanted to make the proper adjustments. We were able to pick up on things defensively, and offensively we changed some things around. But our main priority was our defense."

(On winning the first two games of the series on the road) "We knew this would be a tougher game. We felt like they were going to come out with a lot more energy, so we had to be prepared for that. I knew Kobe would come out very aggressive so these are things we prepared for. After we got Game 1, we looked at it like we've got to try to get another one then."

Shawn Marion


(What's so different with these Mavs?) "We play defense now. We're able to key on certain guys and help when we need to. They are a talented team, they're the defending champions and they're going to hit some shots. You've got to stay out there and make them keep taking contested jumpers. When they're hitting them, more power to them. When they're missing those shots, they get heavier as the game goes on."

(On his team's effort tonight) "We came to compete, and we came and made something happen here. We made our presence felt on both ends of the floor tonight. And we did a good job of handling the pressure, and just going out there and just doing what we do."

(On his team's defense) "We were just being very active in there. I think it helped open up the game for us. I think we were able to limit them. In the first half we gave up a few offensive rebounds normally that we don't give up. At the same time, though, we were able to capitalize on things they did wrong, too. We were able to balance it out in the second half.



(On the spark he provided for his team tonight) "Oh yeah, I came out with a lot of energy that I knew we needed and we were up. We did a great job defensively all game. I think a little spark by me worked out in the win."

(On dribble-driving) "That's how I play. I love to attack the paint. I got all the shooters out there and I've got two big guys setting great screens for me."

(On his team not having a let down after a Game 1 win) "No let down, that was awesome. First time all year, I think. We've got to keep it up, though."

(On Citizen Wrestling) "I think the league will take a look at it and we'll see what happens. It's not a basketball play. We'll see what happens."

(Yeah, but how does Mr. Universe feel about that?) "I'm not going to get all into that. I'll let the league decide that."


Coach Phil Jackson


If they'd practice hard, they could become Champs.

(On the game) "It was a poor second half on our part tonight; I thought we played pretty good the first half. We took the lead at the end of the half, and it was just a rugged third quarter for our team and we had a hard time getting going¡­In the fourth quarter we got really de-spirited. Didn't cover some of the screen rolls we had to cover. We have to get back and do a better job."

(On if the problem is the defense the Dallas Mavericks are presenting)
"We're not really that concerned. Offensively we're okay. We're concerned about our defensive end. We believe defense was our problem tonight."

(On if he is worried about his team) "Well obviously down 2-0 you have to be worried about staying in this series and making it a run; settle down and get one game, start with the first game and go from there. That's what you do."

(On how surprised he is to hear the Boo's from the crowd tonight on Pau Gasol) "I was kind of surprised about that. But it's tough out there. He missed some foul shots, we missed foul shots as a team, he missed open shots; he missed a lay-up that was blocked at the rim because he didn't dunk it. There are some things that obviously didn't look good out there for Pau, but he worked, he worked. He was one of the kids that looked tired tonight."

(On the Lakers poise tonight) "I thought they got anxious with about six and half, seven minutes to go and I wanted to calm them down a little bit and tell them it's a 10 point game with 6 minutes to go, it's not that big a deal. We ended up scoring as many field goals as Dallas, but obviously the missed free throws and three-point shots that changes the game a lot."

(On Citizens running around, clothlining and nut-kicking people) (7mb gif) "It's uncalled for. It's a good chance he'll be suspended, but I hope not."

(On what he does to keep his team motivated going to Dallas) "I plan on flogging them tomorrow."

Kobe Bryant


(On the difficulty of three-peating. We thought that would be easier?) "No, it's hard but you couldn't possibly expect this to be easy. If you want to make history you have to do historic things."

(On if the team is desperate) "Desperate is a strong word. I think, when you play desperate you don't play your best basketball. What we need to do is relax, we need to focus on what we're doing wrong, and the mistakes that we're making, and we have plenty to review. We need to lock in on that and go into Game 3 and minimize those mistakes. You know, playing calm basketball but with a relentless energy. And I think if we do that we'll be fine."

(On heading on the road to Dallas) "To me it's no different. We're not very good at home the last two games so going to Dallas might do us some damn good."

(On the Lakers bench play) "It's important. It doesn't hurt. We have bigger things to correct besides the play of our bench. We have to do a much better job of getting into a rhythm on the defensive end of the floor."

(On Andrew Bynum saying the Lakers have trust issues) "I think the trust that he's referring to is being able to help each other on the defensive end of the floor. You saw a lot of lay-ups. He gets frustrated when he supports a guard coming off the screen and roll and nobody supports him when a big's rolling to the basket."

Pau Gasol


(On the team's trust issues) "We've got to communicate and trust each other. And pick each other up. There's breakdowns, defensive breakdowns, especially with a team that executes as well as Dallas does. So, we've just got to talk and support each other, and understand that mistakes happen. We just can't hang our heads just because of it. We've got to create that energy and just be positive because that's going to carry you down to the other end and be more confident on the other end."

Andrew Bynum


(On if he's surprised they lost the first 2 games at home) "I was surprised we lost the first game, but this game they just beat us."

(On what has been wrong the last two games) "I don't even know the root of it at this point. Obviously we have trust issues and unless we come out and discuss them nothing's going to change."

(On what the trust issues are) "Individual. I think all thirteen of our guys have trust issues right now."

(On examples of the team's trust issues) " I mean I think it's quite obvious to anybody watching the game. Hesitation on passes, defensively not being there for your teammate because he wasn't there for you before. Stuff like that, those things."

(On his confidence in winning in Dallas) "I mean, we can win anywhere. We've just got to bring it out. To be honest with you, like I said, if we go out and we practice hard tomorrow, we get to the root of what's really hurting us, and not candy coat things and talk around issues, then we'll be fine."

Lamar Odom


(On what went wrong tonight) "We lost. We lost our rhythm offensively. Defensively we didn't have a rhythm as well. Offensively not rebounding, not taking what they're giving us."

(On defending Dirk Nowitzki) "I mean, it's tough. He hits shots. There was a span in that game where he didn't shoot the ball as much, I think towards the end of the third, start of the fourth, and that was probably our chance to close in on the gap and we weren't able to."

(On what happen?) "Someone set up us the bomb....Their team came out. I mean, they came back from 16, and today they won the game."





Game Recap

NBA STAR molesting

NBA STAR sidelines (via jose3030)


<a href="" mce_href="" target="_new" title="Mavs go up 2 on Lakers">Video: Mavs go up 2 on Lakers</a>

Issues Postgame

Rick | Dirk | Phil | Kobe | Bynum | Odom | Gasol | Kidd on TNT


MMB | Hammcap

They had won the first game of the series, in Los Angeles, against the defending champions, and winning two could have been seen as greedy. JJ turning into a tall black man greedy. JJ turning into an ice cream dispenser greedy. Thankfully, the Mavs played with a little greed, and pulled out an improbable win over the Lakers, 93-81.

Silver Screen and Roll Night falls on

Let's get something out of the way right up front: this series isn't over.

That said, there's no denying that the odds are stacked against them at this point. Tonight, as they did on Monday, the Dallas Mavericks made the Lakers look old, tired and confused. The Mavs' 93 to 81 victory in Game Two at Staples Center couldn't have been any more convincing. It was a game the Lakers badly needed to win, but not for a second did they appear to be the better or more desperate team. Dallas executed with precision at both ends of the floor, and their bench again thoroughly embarrassed the Lakers' reserves. As a team the Lakers shot three-pointers as horrendously as you'll ever see. Honestly, it's a wonder the margin of defeat was only 12. It felt so much bigger than that. Panic Time

Coach Phil Jackson hadn't even waited until after the game to admit concern. Speaking about an hour before tipoff, he conceded, "Yeah, we're worried now." There was no sense he was going for deadpan.

"You are?" one of the reporters asked in clarification, if not surprise.

"This [Dallas] is a good team," Jackson said. "We know that they have the same record we have. They have a lot of options in scoring. We've got to play a lot better to overcome this team in the course of the series. Our strength is we've always become better and better against teams in series. We hope to do that."

Jackson insisted this was not some Philesque motivational ploy, rightly noting that his players weren't within listening range and might not have the comments relayed to them down the hall in the locker room while mostly unavailable to the media.

"I'm really straight with you on that," he said of his assessment of worry.


"Be careful what you write," Bryant repeated. He added an admonition for my colleague. "You too, Stein."

Land o' Lakers At the buzzer

It was like a car crash, except nobody on hand wanted to watch.

Hoopdata Boxscore | Notes for Mavs Lakers

DAL 12-21 at the Rim | Bynum 6-6 atR. Rest of LAL: 7-17 | FTs even, JJ in Charge (1)

First, it's amazing that we see a final score like THAT after noting last week that Dallas had put together a "standardized" edge over Portland of 93-84 if you excluded that horrible fourth quarter in Game Four. They're still doing it! Dallas is still establishing an advantage and maintaining it for the most part. The exception was during that poor 29-8 run against them over eight-and-a-half minutes in Game One. They rectified that, and have an on-court edge now of 181-146 in the other 87.5 minutes.

In terms of flow, this is a replay of the Portland series...except Dallas is even more dominant once you adjust for these first two games being on the road.

An advanced Boxscore at Arturo

For some crazy reason I had the Mavs. Go figure. Dirk is killing LA. So is Pau.

Hey Laker Fans:

  1. Pau/Bynum/Fisher and Picks for Jameer/Howard?
  2. Fisher/Kobe/Pau for Jameer/Redick/Howard?


Forum Blue & Gold The Hole just got deeper

But, all is not lost. This game did not clinch the series and the Lakers season is not over. Sure, it may feel that way but it’s not actually the case. There are adjustments that can be made and I think it’s clear that the Lakers can play better. The Lakers simply need to have that one breakthrough game where they play well together, as a team, to get a win. Once that win is achieved, they can build on it. Yes, the hole got deeper but this team is not buried. There is some fight left in this group, I have a feeling we’ll see it on Friday.

The Point Forward Credit Dallas

Those pick-and-rolls, like most everything Dallas does, are based not on Barea but on Nowitzki, who works as the screener on all of them. They are based on the threat of Nowitzki’s jumper – the game’s most beautiful shot, in my mind — and on the confusion opponents go through when they try several different ways to defend this play and none of them work.

The Lakers have tried everything. [...]

Perhaps the Lakers can force Barea away from Terry. Maybe they can trap him and hope he’s too short to loft a pass to Nowitzki.

Whatever they do, Dallas will have a plan ready. That’s what the Mavs do, and the centerpiece of that plan will be an unguardable 7-footer for whom the Lakers have had no defensive answer.

The Lakers can certainly come back from this, even if history says they won’t. They are a fabulously talented team that will hit more shots, make proper adjustments and play hard. They have proved they can win on the road, and it wouldn’t shock me at all if they took two straight games in Dallas.

But if they don’t, and if they fall early, split the blame and the credit 50/50 between the two teams.


No dice yet. You see, Kelly Dwyer needs more time for Derrick. So he hasn't written a word about Dallas yet. /paraphrasing

Basketballprospectus CLANG

Dallas 93, at L.A. Lakers 81 (Dallas leads 2-0)
Pace: 85.9
Offensive Ratings: Dallas 107.4, L.A. Lakers 95.0

It's difficult to attribute an entire game to a single factor, but it's hard not to think the Lakers' three-point drought cost them Wednesday night's game.

As poorly as the Lakers shot, they still entered the fourth quarter down just six points. That's when Jose Barea made his impact felt.

NBAPlaybook How JJ got all that space

What we had in game two was another quick point guard shredding the Lakers’ pick and roll defense. Unlike Chris Paul however, the Lakers were more concerned with the roll man than with the man coming off of the screen, and that is what resulted in the open lanes for Barea.

This didn’t look to be an adjustment from the Lakers’ coaching staff (because the man covering Barea was still fighting over the top of screens instead of going under), so it is safe to assume that Odom was doing this on his own. In his press conference, Phil Jackson said as much, mentioning that the Lakers’ pick and roll defense was off and that he wants his team to play the Mavericks’ pick and pop using their standard pick and roll defense.

It is going to be interesting to see how the Mavericks counter when the Lakers’ are playing the correct defense. Will that mean Dirk Nowitzki gets a few more looks? It’s a possibility.

PBT Dallas stands

Dallas has capitalized. The Lakers have made mistakes in the past but been able to overcome — Dallas is showing mental and physical toughness, a veteran poise, and they are making the Lakers pay for their lapses.

Dallas has been the better team. Nowitzki has been nothing short of brilliant, drilling his unstoppable rainbow fadeaway on his way to 24 points in Game 2.

ESPN Dallas Timmy 'Can't ban me from the Locker, Cubes!' MacMahon

Believe it or not, the Mavs look much more like champions than the Lakers.

2MG's Difference

the waiting game



Haywood bricked one of [two] from the line. Why oh why don't you chop that wood, Portland Lakers? He is now 4-17 on FTs in 9 games. Celebration for our third-best Center, Beaches! [nsfw]

Dirk missed one FTs, like Kidd and Marion. For Comparison, Lakers missed 9 of 20

20-20-4 Watch

Chandler 6-7-0, Haywood 5-8-3-1 Assist! Wohoo!. Mahinmi DNP-Playoffs/French. Bynum 18-13-1

Field Goals

Mavs 34, Lakers 34. Draw!


LAL 42 DAL 36. Close..

Bonus (multiple)





Disclaimer: If you couldn't tell by now, all italic sentences are made up thoughts, not actual quotes. Also, 232 Photos and only 1/3 Celebs? You're getin' better, Gettys.

Finally....KneeJerk Recap (TM) Jonthefon v3.02

The Mavs (beat/lost to) [the Los Angeles Lakers]¹ tonight (thanks to/despite) totol reliance on Dirk’s Awesomeness. The (cloud in the silver lining/major culprit) once more as usual was the (reliabilty/lack) of support from his team-mates, with the exception of Jason Kidd/Tyson Chandler². Especially useless was Jason Terry/Shawn Marion/Jose Barea/Peja Stojakovic/Brendan Haywood/DeShawn Stevenson³ and it is (GUESS WHAT) THEY’RE ALMOST NOT ALL USELESS!

¹ Inserted Opponent

² Only one of them, mind you. Kidd with 10 Points = Mavs win.

³ Two at the minimum, up to all six seven of them. Peja 0-5 on Threes, Abe with the only negative Plusminus despite hitting 3 of 6 Threes. C'mon Son!