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The Friday Poll (on Thursday): How Surprised Are You To Be Up 2-0?

Here is the 3rd edition of the new weekly MMB poll. As you can see, I'm playing around with the days it is posted, but this is more of a playoff thing. After the postseason ends for the Mavericks, the polls will consistently be on Friday. Once again, feel free to suggest a better name for this segment, especially since I'm contradicting the title seemingly every time I post it. I won't decide on a name change until after the playoffs, but still get your votes in now.

The poll question is this: How surprised are you to see the Mavericks with a 2-0 lead over the Lakers. I, for one, was confident the Mavericks could win, but winning these first two games on the road has shocked me, though obviously in a good way. I'm sure Mavericks fans feel the same way, but to what extent? Everyone can chime in, whether you're a regular poster, someone who wants more Mavs coverage (which is on its way later today!), or even another team's fan just wanting to know how the fans are reacting to this series.